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Just hear us out. [Read More]
Pop culture heavyweights inspiring pop culture heavyweights; you love to see it. [Read More]
Ironically, it was the first Flanagan series intended for future seasons. [Read More]
It's not would-be subscribers that Netflix should be worried about losing, evidently. [Read More]
Groot has done his dad proud. [Read More]
And there's quite a few candidates. [Read More]
Din's third outing soars into Disney Plus queues early next year. [Read More]
Ortega's just as capable a sleuth as her character, it turns out. [Read More]
Hemsworth is just as untouchable on the pitch as he is in the hands of casting directors. [Read More]
This beastly killer is finally ready to tango again. [Read More]
Say what you will about the slap; Will Smith isn't hiding from any of it. [Read More]
And he made the absolute most of it. [Read More]
And now, his dream has come true on Disney Plus! [Read More]
Evidently, the show is better when you pay attention to it. [Read More]
It was far more complicated than you think. [Read More]
A surefire Oscars powerhouse, yet merely a blip on the radar for audiences. [Read More]
The cosmic princess first appeared in 2007's 'Super Mario Galaxy'. [Read More]
If he ever changes his mind about working with Disney, that is. [Read More]
Here's hoping that costume looks better in action. [Read More]
We'd pay big bucks to see Benoit Blanc break into song. [Read More]
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