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ARGENTINA's fixation with the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is pointless and will achieve nothing except to undermine relations with the UK, a Tory MP... [Read More]
TENS of thousands of Spaniards have protested in Madrid against government plans to pardon 12 Catalan politicians convicted over the region's failed independence bid in... [Read More]
BRUSSELS' plan to provide EU border guards with guns is a "sinister" move which proves the bloc is now an "armed superstate", a former Brexit... [Read More]
EMMANUEL Macron's "shocking" claim that Northern Ireland is a separate country from the United Kingdom risks inflaming an already tense situation still further, a former... [Read More]
THE "gloves are off" in Britain's bitter dispute with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol, a former diplomat has said - and Britons have... [Read More]
DOZENS of influential figures have been rewarded in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for their services to Brexit - but after one former MEP has... [Read More]
ESCALATING Brexit tensions between the UK and the EU, centred on fundamental disagreements over the Northern Ireland Protocol, have the potential to trigger a damaging... [Read More]
GUY Verhofstadt has been lambasted on social media after taking aim at Boris Johnson over Brexit - with one poster suggestion the former Belgian PM's... [Read More]
MICHEAL MARTIN has been urged to step in to help Brexit-buffeted Ireland's fishing industry - with Ireland's Taoiseach warned hundreds of jobs were at stake. [Read More]
BRUSSELS and Dublin are both "briefing" against Lord David Frost, the UK's Brexit Minister, in a bid to undermine him and replace him with Michael... [Read More]
SADIQ Khan has been accused of "virtue-signalling" after he tweeted a video of him pledging to target violent crime - on the same day four... [Read More]
THE European Union is drawing up three potential punishments for the UK if Boris Johnson confirms plans to delay the implementation of the Northern Ireland... [Read More]
COVID-19 has offered hostile actors a blueprint for a terrifying future biological attack, House of Commons defence committee chairman Tobias Ellwood has warned. [Read More]
EU attempts to oust Brexit Minister Lord David Frost PROVE he is on the right track, and Boris Johnson must resist all attempts to replace... [Read More]
LIZ Truss has hailed the admission by Remain chief Lord Rose that the pro-EU campaign's focus on Project Fear was a mistake as the ultimate... [Read More]
A 15-YEAR-OLD boy has been stabbed to death in west London - the latest fatal knife attack to blight capital in the space of barely... [Read More]
TWO of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's bodyguards has been forced into self-isolation as a result of the coronavirus outbreak at a total in St Ives,... [Read More]
JOE Biden's decision to weigh in on the EU's side in its ongoing dispute with the UK over the Northern Ireland Protocol risks tethering Britain... [Read More]
ARGENTINA has thrown down the gauntlet over the Falkland Islands after senior Government Minister Daniel Filmus lashed out in a caustic diatribe in which he... [Read More]
POLICE on the scene after a man was stabbed in Clapham in south London, according to mutiple reports on social media. [Read More]
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