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Who can blame us for being skeptical? I hope conservatives find a new home. We need their viewpoint. But until there is an alternative to... [Read More]
A recent letter writer expressed concern about the potential obsolescence of a planned Opportunity Corridor concrete plant. However, assuming work to develop a less carbon-intensive... [Read More]
Bay Village lost a treasured citizen this past week in the death of elementary school teacher Marie Ashmus, writes David Marc Brill. [Read More]
Thank you, Tony Gonzalez, for voting our conscience in the 16th Congressional District, and keep up the good work, writes Dennis Lambert of North Olmsted... [Read More]
Can we think big? With present Amtrak plans, the South Coast doesn't get any closer, writes James H. Mayer of Cleveland in a letter to... [Read More]
The city's many achievements in 2016 during Mayor Frank Jackson's third term were the spectacular culmination of a generation of civic effort, writes Charles Gliha... [Read More]
All you need to do is apply or, if you already receive a subsidy, update information on the healthcare.gov website, which notes that, "New, lower... [Read More]
John Carroll University is known for faculty who care about their students and cultivate the best of what can be gained from a liberal arts... [Read More]
The Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services totally dropped the ball when it was painfully obvious that the mother "didn't have the tools"... [Read More]
Hearings are underway in Columbus and your voice of support is needed. Contact your state senator and the Ohio Senate leadership, particularly Senate President Matt... [Read More]
Mr. Ryavec's story about the brothers getting together in Cleveland and deciding on a common spelling might be true, but nothing was changed at Ellis... [Read More]
One can plainly see that Blacks, in proportion to their population numbers in Cleveland Heights, were stopped more than three times more frequently than whites,... [Read More]
During the protest, I vandalized property, and this action does not represent who I am. I am very sorry and regret how I expressed myself... [Read More]
Why do we somehow act superior to other societies that offer affordable higher education, health care and elder care, asks Alan Lubin of Gates Mills... [Read More]
The National Animal Care and Control Association states that the only reason to pick up a free-roaming cat is to participate in a sterilization program,... [Read More]
Are there enough Republicans willing to stand against the obscenity of GOP retribution against leaders who criticized Donald Trump? asks John Pardee of Oberlin in... [Read More]
It was nice that the NFL draft was in Cleveland, and it boosted civic pride and put money in the coffers of hotels and restaurants... [Read More]
Those who work to provide all the necessities of a city/state live in Washington, D.C., and it is their home district, contrary to recent letter's... [Read More]
Republicans, this is who you are today. The party of Lincoln and law and order? Not anymore. More like the party of the loudest, sleaziest... [Read More]
I must confess, I am still not certain if Sen. Tim Scott and Vice President Kamala Harris are in agreement with each other on systemic... [Read More]
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