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COUNCIL tax is paid by most people who are at least 18 and either rent or own a home. The tax itself can vary wildly... [Read More]
CASH usage has, rather surprisingly, risen in certain areas according to new research. These findings came just as the FCA committed to protecting cash access... [Read More]
MARTIN LEWIS regularly shares insight on all things finance but there is one specific topic he refuses to address. The Money Saving Expert was recently... [Read More]
STATE pension payments can be claimed at any time once a person reaches their state pension age. They can also be claimed within four months... [Read More]
UNIVERSAL Credit claimants may get additional support for other elements of life such as childcare costs and rental payments. As the UK begins to get... [Read More]
MARTIN LEWIS was questioned on savings apps today as savers remain unsure if they're better options than traditional bank accounts. In response, Martin detailed that... [Read More]
RISHI SUNAK unveiled his latest plans for the economy today as coronavirus continues to affect families across the UK. The Chancellor of the Exchequer provided... [Read More]
RISHI SUNAK appeared in the House of Commons today to reveal his latest plans for the economy going forward. He provided details on what consumers... [Read More]
MORTGAGE holders are set to struggle in the coming months if another national lockdown is introduced. New research that families with credit card debt, mortgage... [Read More]
STATE pension payments are guaranteed to increase every year under the triple lock system. Recently, the government confirmed that they will keep the triple lock... [Read More]
UNIVERSAL Credit claimants may be able to receive a one-off payment of £500 from September 28 through the news self-isolation plans. Yesterday, the government updated... [Read More]
RISHI SUNAK may be considering replacing the current furlough scheme with a German-style wage subsidy plan according to recent reports. This comes as the Governor... [Read More]
TSB will be lowering the interest rate on one of its accounts in the coming months in an additional blow to savers who are struggling... [Read More]
DEBT can be problematic for both public intuitions and private individuals. These problems have been made worse due to coronavirus and new research from StepChange... [Read More]
STATE pension payments can be claimed when a person reaches their state pension age. The amount paid out will be dependent on the claimant's National... [Read More]
UNIVERSAL Credit can be claimed by people who are on a low income or who are out of work completely but they must also adhere... [Read More]
NEGATIVE interest rates have been on the mind of many savers for a while now as the Bank of England has kept the base rate... [Read More]
PENSION management can be made difficult by the modern working world as employees save with multiple schemes which can easily be lost track of. On... [Read More]
NATWEST is launching a new savings account with a three percent interest rate, which the bank claims is the highest rate to be introduced this... [Read More]
MARTIN LEWIS has warned that given the dramatic turn of events from NS&I, negative interest rates may be on the horizon. Recently, the government-backed savings... [Read More]
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