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Former President Donald Trump could be taking aim at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy during his speech on Sunday, according to a new report. CPAC... [Read More]
Boston Public Schools have shut down their advanced programs and are focusing on an "antiracist curriculum" because officials were "disturbed" that there were too many... [Read More]
Liberal activists (masquerading as journalists) and Never-Trumpers are teaming up to go after Rep. Paul Gosar for giving a compelling 'America First' themed speech during... [Read More]
President Donald Trump published an endorsement today for Max Miller for Congress. ** You can donate to Max Miller for Congress here. Miller is running... [Read More]
Convicted cop killers Joseph Hurst and Johnny Veal have been paroled in Chicago. On Thursday, 68-year-old Veal and 77-year-old Hurst were both granted parole by the... [Read More]
A Maricopa County judge has ruled that the Arizona Senate subpoenas demanding the 2020 election ballots and voting machines for audit are valid. In the... [Read More]
Donald Trump's White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has announced that they are "planning for the next administration." Meadows broke the news during an... [Read More]
CNN's activist "reporter" Jim Acosta was confronted at CPAC about the network's lack of coverage about Andrew Cuomo's scandals. Cuomo was recently accused of sexual... [Read More]
Former President Donald Trump is set to give his first major address since leaving the White House at CPAC this weekend — and people familiar... [Read More]
Facebook removed a video of Democrat Rep. Marie Newman putting up a trans flag outside her office to spite Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for "hate... [Read More]
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a hallway war with her Democrat neighbor Rep. Marie Newman — and she is definitely winning. Rep. Newman had... [Read More]
The North Dakota House of Representatives has passed a bill that will make any future mask mandates illegal in the state. Monday's vote passed 50-44... [Read More]
The Biden administration is currently attempting to enact an "administrative abolishment" of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Along with essentially rolling out a welcome banner for... [Read More]
Joe Biden's pick for Attorney General refused to state that illegally crossing our border is a crime during his nomination hearing on Monday. During the... [Read More]
When questioned by Senator Josh Hawley about if he considers Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks on the courthouse in Portland to be "domestic terrorism,"... [Read More]
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