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The county health department is now trying to warn anyone who may have come in contact with the Great Clips stylist, though no cases have... [Read More]
A Garcetti spokesperson has said they're still reviewing the letter, but Los Angeles County's director of public health said the lockdown could extend into August. [Read More]
Trump has felt ire for Sessions ever since March 2, 2017 when Sessions recused himself from the Department of Justice's investigation into Russia's involvement in... [Read More]
The state just experienced its second-highest ever day of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on May 21 as the state continues to gradually reopen. [Read More]
Biden definitely needs their money if he wants to stay competitive against Trump, but he also needs their volunteerism to help turn out the vote. [Read More]
Because children are increasingly spending time online for education, entertainment and socializing, experts say, online traffickers are targeting them in greater numbers. [Read More]
Flags across the United States were last flown at half-mast on Saturday, December 7, 2019 in commemoration of the National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance. [Read More]
William Bryan had previously said he was trying to be a "good Samaritan" by recording the slaying and has been in "complete shock" since witnessing... [Read More]
Armando Hernandez Jr. had allegedly been contemplating a shooting at Westgate for "at least three to four years," according to prosecutors. [Read More]
"Holding that sign up at the lockdown protest was a grave mistake and I ask forgiveness from all those who I have caused pain," the... [Read More]
McConnell recently said the country should "take a pause" on emergency spending bills, adding that the federal government could not "prop the economy up forever." [Read More]
The mother didn't actually get to hold her daughter after she was born because she didn't want to risk possibly exposing the infant to coronavirus. [Read More]
Cohen's release comes a week after the release of Trump's ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort into home-confinement over similar concerns. [Read More]
The NYPD recently dispersed a school with 60+ students who were meeting in secret, but data shows that officers have been targeting Black and Hispanic... [Read More]
"To me, it is not really a choice," business owner Cat Thibodeau said. "If I don't open now I am not going to be able... [Read More]
To fight a possible second wave, he said we'll need an increase of flu vaccines nationwide and an investment in state and local health departments. [Read More]
Both churches followed their states' suggested social distancing measures but are now asking congregants to monitor themselves for symptoms. [Read More]
She added that she's actually "wholly unqualified for probably any position in government," but said she'd surround herself with intelligent and well-qualified team members. [Read More]
The employees say that managers haven't provided personal protective equipment or notification when a coworker fell ill to the ongoing epidemic. [Read More]
Flynn suspects the current judge overseeing his case of wanting to "propose contempt and perjury charges against" him. [Read More]
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