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North Korea has unveiled a new train-based missile system which it used to fire missiles at test targets close to Japan on Wednesday.The missiles were... [Read More]
The missiles were launched from a new 'railway-borne missile system' designed as a potential counter-strike to any forces that threaten the country, KCNA reported... [Read More]
ICC judges gave the authorisation on Wednesday to investigate the ruthless Philippines government 'war on drugs' campaign which has resulted in the deaths of thousands... [Read More]
She unveiled plans for the EU to develop a shared military after Biden's decision to withdraw of US troops by August 31 forced the hands... [Read More]
In a call between heads of state on Tuesday, Erdogan told Germany's president Frank-Walter Steinmeier that Turkey could not afford to offer refuge to more Afghans fleeing... [Read More]
Islanders usually kill up to 1,000 sea mammals a year, with pilot whales being the main target. But this year's eye-watering death toll of white... [Read More]
Biden was in Idaho to a pay a visit to the National Interagency Fire Center, where he claimed he was offered his first job by... [Read More]
The city was turned into a simulated warzone at the weekend, with heavily armed soldiers firing weapons among startled civilians who appeared to have been... [Read More]
Surprise urban military drills in Riga have both angered and amused residents as soldiers fired blank rounds and staged training drills in the in the streets... [Read More]
Water from the red lagoon just inside the Jordanian border is being sampled by workers from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to determine the... [Read More]
The oil and gas industry has been a key factor in creating Norway's exceptional wealth, but fears about climate change have put the future of... [Read More]
The project, set to run from Sep 18 - Oct 3, is a tribute to Christo, who died last year. He had dreamed of sheathing... [Read More]
Abdul Rashid Dostum is a former warlord, communist commander and vice president whose hatred of the Taliban saw him engage in battles with the Islamists... [Read More]
In an interview with Afghanistan outlet TOLO News, spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi declared that the Taliban 'do not consider women to be half of the society'... [Read More]
Enyart was a staunch opponent of the Coronavirus vaccines and restrictions such as mask mandates, and is the latest in a string of anti-vax radio... [Read More]
On Tuesday's edition of Sirius XM's The Howard Stern Show, the host took pleasure in mocking several late radio hosts as he made the case... [Read More]
Nikolas Mayrant was delivering a package to the home of fellow Amazon employee, Program Manager Brad Boynton, in Cornelius, North Carolina, when he was screamed... [Read More]
Video footage of the incident from a doorbell cam shows Boynton yelling at Mayrant while apparently speaking on the phone with another Amazon manager to... [Read More]
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