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AMC Entertainment was already in trouble, but the Coronavirus shutdown may be the death knell for the largest domestic theater chain. [Read More]
A cool and amusing Easter egg has been spotted in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and the animator responsible has taken credit for it. [Read More]
Titans' director confirms in a live chat that Iain Glen's Batman/Bruce Wayne is going to return in the show's upcoming third season. [Read More]
Some interesting new art may be a big hint that Disney are about to announce a sequel to X-Men: The Animated Series, exclusive to Disney+. [Read More]
CBS are lining up potential cameos for Star Trek: Picard season 2, and it sounds as if Worf is at the top of their most-wanted... [Read More]
Something X-Men related seems to be in the works at Disney+, and there are a couple of theories as to what it might consist of. [Read More]
After the Star Trek: Picard season finale, fans were left wondering what happened to Narek. And now, all has been revealed courtesy of Michael Chabon. [Read More]
Nintendo and Universal may be teaming up for a Super Mario Bros. movie and they're looking at Brie Larson to play the live-action Princess Peach. [Read More]
Star Trek: Picard's showrunner confirms that the second season will explore Seven of Nine and Raffi's relationship, hinted at in the finale of season 1. [Read More]
Survival, the wilderness, and dystopian times have been a top-selling themes for the Fairbanks writer. [Read More]
Netflix remains the undisputed king of streaming TV, but with many pretenders to the crown, how long can their reign last? [Read More]
Despite Batman v Superman taking heavy inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns, Zack Snyder still thinks there might be a live action version of it. [Read More]
Hit horror comic adaptation Locke & Key scores a second season on Netflix and the showrunners can't wait to get started on what comes next. [Read More]
Mortal Kombat may be the latest production to see a delay caused by Coronavirus, with one of the producers hinting that plans are now vague. [Read More]
There are two big glitches in Fortnite that almost guarantee sneaky players a Victory Royale. Here they are so you know what to watch out... [Read More]
Data miners have unearthed references to the Switch in the Resident Evil 3 demo code, perhaps pointing the way to an impending port. [Read More]
More than a month after he first appeared in Fortnite, it looks like we finally know when the Deadpool skin is going to drop. [Read More]
The Mandalorian writer/director Dave Filoni has posted a new piece of concept art that teases more Clone Wars characters in season 2. [Read More]
In this sudden time of sheltering at home, I've put together a quarantine reading list of some good Alaska books to pass the time. These... [Read More]
Jessica Chastain turned down a major role in Doctor Strange as she was holding out for a bigger MCU hero to play in the future. [Read More]
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