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Hollywood, New York media, and the #Metoo movement have been rocked by reports that jurors in the high profile trial of former Hollywood film mogul... [Read More]
Can you imagine the television and online spot on Trump justice reform? Gawd, to write and direct that baby... [Read More]
But the president is doing something much more valuable at those events than cheerleading or cracking jokes. He's doing what any good leader does. He's... [Read More]
If you think that President Trump can sometimes go a little far in some of his statements, the man is the soul of discretion compared... [Read More]
If Collins took it that would get him out of the way in Georgia and make everyone happy. [Read More]
A man isolated because of his wealth, who switched parties like changing socks, and who has more non disclosure agreements out there than there are... [Read More]
Pete can come across as robotic and slick. But better that than a whiny school marm like Amy Klobuchar. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders is beating Liz Warren like a Baptist in an Italian neighborhood. [Read More]
Thus all except Sanders are getting ready for the political switchblade fight in a dark alley that is a brokered convention. Bernie is getting ready... [Read More]
The Wednesday night Democrat debate in America's capitol of sin (Though DC is a close runner up) was down to six candidates on stage. One... [Read More]
It's a doomsday scenario for the Dems, maybe in the House and Senate too, and Sanders knows it. [Read More]
Thus the campaign climbed down hours later to state that the comedian had not officially endorsed the former South Bend mayor.  ... [Read More]
This morning, more than several of them in Congress and the media are praising Barr for standing up to that ogre Donald Trump. [Read More]
If it doesn't it should. President Trump is right. We shouldn't mind a gay guy in the Oval Office. We should mind a man like... [Read More]
New guy at school Mike Bloomberg and other opponents of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders are getting a taste of the tactics of Sanders supporters and... [Read More]
Aside from rising crime rates, urination in the streets, and other returning urban pathologies, according to the New York Post the squeegee men are back. [Read More]
The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have been around 110 years. For most of that time they stood for truth, justice, and the American Way.... [Read More]
Just when you thought the Dems couldn't get any weirder, they maximize their bizarre factor and go to town. [Read More]
And, anyone else ever buzz the Daytona 500 in Air Force One? Yeah, didn't think so. [Read More]
It's Presidents Day. So it's fitting that we look at the historical record and give our chief executives their due one way or another. [Read More]
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