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THE QUEEN could block Boris Johnson from calling a snap election due to an obscure rule from 1950. What is the rule and how could... [Read More]
MCDONALD'S lovers may get a nasty surprise next time they visit their favourite fast-food restaurant - there is a shortage of ingredients at several of... [Read More]
A HEATWAVE is on the way to the UK next week with temperatures rocketing in many parts of the country. What is the UK's highest... [Read More]
VLADIMIR Putin could order hackers to destroy the UK economy in 'supply-chain' cyber attacks that would cost billions of pounds, according to an expert. And... [Read More]
IT'S A question many people are asking right now: Should you offer above the asking price on a house? Express.co.uk spoke to real estate experts... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON is winning more support from the public as the Conservatives hit back against Labour following two bruising by-election defeats. The Prime Minister is... [Read More]
FINLAND and Sweden are likely to join NATO, adding two new members to the 30-state strong military alliance. When will Sweden and Finland join NATO? [Read More]
NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg launched a verbal attack on China today, sparking fears the Asian superpower could be dragged further into Russia's war in... [Read More]
THE BRITISH Army is believed to be one of the best fighting forces on the planet. But how has UK defence spending changed since the... [Read More]
THE EU is preparing to welcome two new members after Ukraine and Moldova were granted candidate status this month. The bloc's 27 member states voted... [Read More]
RUSSIA'S invasion of Ukraine is causing tensions to rise between NATO and Moscow, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned nations against joining the military... [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON is preparing for a second independence referendum in 2023, nearly 10 years after Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay part of the UK. What... [Read More]
MPs voted tonight on controversial changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol, a move which has led to the EU taking legal action against the UK.... [Read More]
CRYPTOCURRENCIES such as Bitcoin, Terra and Ripple are in freefall with investors losing trillions of dollars. Why is crypto dropping and what does it mean... [Read More]
NATO is increasing its military power by placing 300,000 troops at a state of high readiness in response to Russia's threat. The organisation considers itself... [Read More]
PENSIONERS are due a vital income boost of hundreds of pounds in 2023 thanks to the triple lock. But what is the triple lock and... [Read More]
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