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An expert shares that enjoying one herbal drink could help reduce blood glucose levels. [Read More]
Once pancreatic cancer travels to other parts of your body, symptoms can crop up on the toilet. [Read More]
Chinese researchers have found that hitting the hay at a certain time is associated with a higher risk of developing dementia. [Read More]
Researchers from Norway have identified a winter activity that can reduce insulin resistance and boost your insulin sensitivity. [Read More]
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A military method can help you fall asleep in two minutes; here's how to do it. [Read More]
Research finds that enjoying a dark chocolate snack could help reduce your cholesterol levels in "weeks". [Read More]
Dr Michael Mosley explains how three "simple" interventions could help "ward off" the mind-robbing condition. [Read More]
Research has linked popular over-the-counter pain relief to a higher risk of harmful blood clots. [Read More]
While fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, some types could leave you with a spike in blood sugar, according to an expert. [Read More]
Research has found that a popular cooking ingredient could lower your blood pressure as much as "anti-hypertensive medications". [Read More]
The NHS warns that your vision could ring the alarm bells when you become deficient in vitamin B12. [Read More]
Dr Michael Mosley has shared that three or more days of a simple activity a week can cut the risk of cancer. [Read More]
Enjoying a sweet snack could help reduce the belly fat, also known as visceral, according to a study. [Read More]
ALTHOUGH shingles is characterised by a painful rash, there are three sensations that might be the first to alert you of the viral infection. [Read More]
RESEARCH suggests that a delicious chocolate drink could see your high cholesterol levels fall in "weeks". [Read More]
A DRINK enjoyed by millions of Britons on a daily basis could lead to "acute" increase in blood pressure, warns a study. [Read More]
DRINKING more than two servings of a popular drink a day can boost your risk of blood clots. [Read More]
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