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The left continuously proves they don't care how well President Trump performs, they will always go against him and his administration. The most recent... [Read More]
O'Keefe strikes again. [Read More]
It's all or nothing. [Read More]
Since COVID-19, no sport has been immune to the growing restraints of social distancing and protecting players. It appears the NBA has been hit the... [Read More]
In his short time in the presidential campaign spotlight, Joe Biden has made some crazy and outlandish claims. Here are just a couple to mention,... [Read More]
With all the riots, looting, and American unrest, it can be rather difficult to see the bright side of this great country. Well, this next... [Read More]
It's not a far fetched result... [Read More]
While Democrats like Governor J. B. Pritzker of Chicago refuse to do anything about the violence plaguing their cities, it appears citizens are now taking... [Read More]
Of course, the Left objects. [Read More]
He's ruining their narrative. [Read More]
Out of all the candidates the Democrats could have dug up, they went for Joe Biden. His own colleagues question his judgment and sound mind,... [Read More]
Since the killing of George Floyd, nightly protests in places like Chicago and Portland have been all over the news. BLM and Antifa rage through... [Read More]
With most of the world still reeling from COVID-19, Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has decided it is time to reopen his state for... [Read More]
As the death toll from COVID-19 rises above 200,000, the debate about how the country handles the pandemic, and are masks the best form of... [Read More]
We'll see a lot more of these cases right after the election. [Read More]
Puerto Ricans play a part of the Latin vote in the state. [Read More]
Just weeks after the Democrats boasted the safety of using mail-in voting for the upcoming election, the Department of Justice is opening a federal... [Read More]
These idiots can't even get that right. [Read More]
Social media has proven to be an unstoppable force as its power can topple even the richest of men. The internet alone has ruined lives... [Read More]
The Democrats have reverted to their Kluxer roots. [Read More]
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