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This is not surprising from her. [Read More]
In a surprise move of events, the National Rifle Association has decided to vacate the city of New York and move to the more conservative... [Read More]
With just a matter of hours left in President Donald Trump's Presidency, he continues to work hard for America, signing executive orders and finally... [Read More]
But, Wednesday is coming quick. [Read More]
It was obvious anyway. [Read More]
Following Joe Biden winning the 2020 election, the media and the liberal left have pushed a narrative that the GOP and conservatives are out of... [Read More]
From the start, the Democrats and Joe Biden have blasted President Trump from not only his policies but his rhetoric when it comes to dealing... [Read More]
Since the banning of President Trump from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, conservatives around America have warned of Big Tech Censorship. [Read More]
He's down amongst Republicans as well. [Read More]
It's not only the Right. In fact, there has been much more violence from the Left. [Read More]
There is a reason New York has been hit the hardest since COVID-19 was first reported. Other states have fought the virus and have been... [Read More]
Since the Capitol Hill riots, the media hasn't been able to stop reporting on it. The headlines continue to showcase Trump and his supporters in... [Read More]
This was predictable. [Read More]
While the rest of America struggles with a crippling economy and COVID-19, it appears that President-elect Joe Biden and his administration are moving on... [Read More]
They will be dealt with after Biden is president. [Read More]
Once it gets to the Senate, that chamber is occupied. [Read More]
Threats could come from many groups. [Read More]
Joe Manchin is switching horses, again. [Read More]
While the Democrats might have won the election and stole all of Washington in the process, they have yet to understand that America will always... [Read More]
Over the past week, the left has proven their attack on President Trump isn't just about silencing one voice. Since the Capitol Hill riots, the... [Read More]
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