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The disgraced 44th president got this one right. [Read More]
COVID-19 is new. That is the problem. People want to go ahead and have an answer for something we barely know anything about. The virus... [Read More]
Joe Biden isn't President yet. The election is still caught up in court, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to get a glimpse into... [Read More]
VDH is among the best analysts on the national scene. [Read More]
America and the White House are both up for grabs in the Senate Runoff that is taking place in Georgia right now. The Republicans need... [Read More]
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The Republicans won on the national and local level. [Read More]
While polls and surveys might not always be right, they give a good glimpse into what the American people are feeling. A poll can show... [Read More]
The rest of the world watches while America still struggles to deal with the COVID-19 and how to fight this so-called deadly virus. Over the... [Read More]
Like any country, America isn't without its mistakes. There have been things done in the past that were horrible and atrocities were committed. Luckily,... [Read More]
Many Americans, like Robby Dinero, are finding out what it is like to go up against the Democrats and their immeasurable power. Over the past... [Read More]
The Republican answer to The Squad. [Read More]
Not so convenient now, eh? [Read More]
A child from Burlington, Wisconsin has found himself in the middle of a heated debate as he took it upon himself to write a hateful... [Read More]
As millions of Americans gathered around their tables for Thanksgiving Day, the Democrats took the time to shame any person who didn't conform to the... [Read More]
The hard left doesn't trust Biden on it. [Read More]
This is not surprising. [Read More]
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