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President Biden's announced vaccine mandate for private employers is being blamed for flight disruptions, and now his mandate for federal workers is posing the threat... [Read More]
A supercut of various establishment media members disingenuously mocking Joe Rogan for using "horse dewormer" to treat COVID-19 concludes with the top-rated podcaster getting CNN... [Read More]
It was only a matter of time before Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to the claim by the president who ran on unifying the... [Read More]
Counterterrorism police in Britain are investigating possible links between "Islamist extremists" and a foreign national who is the sole suspect in the stabbing death of... [Read More]
Walmart has a training program for its employees based on the core principles of Critical Race Theory that asserts whites are inherently racist and the... [Read More]
Amid the controversy over basketball superstar Kyrie Irving's refusal to take a COVID-19 vaccine, a former NBA player says his season ended early last year... [Read More]
Amid travel and supply-chain disruptions that have followed his announced vaccine mandate, President Biden said Thursday that requiring COVID-19 shots for employees of private companies... [Read More]
Walgreens is closing five more San Francisco drug stores amid a spike in "organized retail crime" that has coincided with lax law enforcement. [Read More]
No. 1 podcaster Joe Rogan explained on Wednesday to CNN health correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta why many parents believe vaccinating their children for COVID-19 poses... [Read More]
A video montage shows how health officials, pharmaceutical companies and media declared the coronavirus shots to be 100% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 at the launch... [Read More]
For the first time in his life, at the age of 90, the man who "boldly" went "where no one has gone before" on television,... [Read More]
al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula has released a video boasting about the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan and vowing another attack on the scale of 9/11... [Read More]
Ron Johnson said Tuesday that while Congress has the power to act against Big Tech censorship, "in the end it's going to be the private... [Read More]
Texas-based airlines Southwest and American announced Tuesday they will comply with President Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order barring any... [Read More]
Enough steel to construct 100 miles of border wall – about $100 million worth – is lying unused as another 60,000 migrants head to the... [Read More]
Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn says in a new video message he sees a "prophetic sign" in the disastrous U.S. withdrawl from Afghanistan... [Read More]
A shortage of just about everything is looming ahead of the holiday season as more than 100 container ships wait off the coast of California... [Read More]
Was President Biden's announcement Sept. 9 of a vaccine mandate for private companies employing 100 or more people a bluff to persuade more Americans to... [Read More]
The Biden administration's apparent unwillingness to get to the bottom of the origin of SARS-CoV-2 could result in a pandemic much more lethal that the... [Read More]
Opposing Critical Race Theory is racist, but defining CRT doesn't matter, because it's not being taught in schools, contends Terry McAuliffe... [Read More]
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