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A voluntary assisted dying (VAD) bill in Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) will go through parliamentary ... [Read More]
Australian lawmakers are calling for a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics over human rights abuses after the ... [Read More]
South Africa's top diplomat to Australia has accused the Australian federal government of being discriminatory towards African countries ... [Read More]
A new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has found the Chinese Communist Party is looking ... [Read More]
Human rights violators, corrupt officials, and cyber hackers will be banned from visiting Australia and spending their ill-gotten ... [Read More]
Scientists in the Australian state of Victoria have come up with the nation's first mRNA vaccine, which could ... [Read More]
Australians will not go back into lockdowns over Omicron, the new variant of the CCP virus first found ... [Read More]
Two candidates for council elections in Sydney have said that pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) groups are maligning them ... [Read More]
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