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"We weren't real sure how big he was when we spotted him, and to our surprise after we harpooned it, it ended up being a... [Read More]
Will car companies walk before they can fly? So-called "flying cars" may be all the buzz these days, but Hyundai has established a new team... [Read More]
A Michigan man was fatally shot and his attacker is on the loose after the pair is believed to have had an argument while standing... [Read More]
Federal authorities announced on Sunday that a Louisville, Kentucky, man, who allegedly threatened police in a social media video while brandishing weapons has been charged... [Read More]
The demons assaulted anotherCatholic Church over the weekend. The St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon was vandalized. A member of the Cathedral in... [Read More]
James O'Keefe III released the second blockbuster video exposing voter fraud and ballot harvesting by Ilhan Omar connected political operatives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After his... [Read More]
New York City voters are receiving mail-in ballots marked for military despite never serving in the US military. This is the same state that took... [Read More]
It's hard to believe but America's top Infectious Disease Doctor Anthony Fauci has been wrong on the coronavirus pandemic — Almost every step of the... [Read More]
This isn't your father's trick-or-treating. As the holiday draws closer, people across the country are still asking what Halloween will look like this year. Some... [Read More]
McCain, a co-host on "The View" and the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, has been working remotely for the show since the outbreak... [Read More]
Officers aided by some bystanders smashed the car's windows, while others poured water on the flames, police said. [Read More]
Tens of thousands of Christians are gathering in Washington, D.C. today for a prayer march hosted by Franklin Graham and a worship event... [Read More]
A new study has revealed some a-meow-zing new purr-spectives on cats and their dietary needs. New research from animal nutrition specialists at the University of... [Read More]
Dave Ramsey offers financial advice to man working on Baby Step, reader with budget question... [Read More]
Kennedy and Gov. Connally used it in Fort Worth. [Read More]
The FBI issued a warning to "raise awareness" of the threat posed by disinformation in the wake of the 2020 elections. The goal of foreign... [Read More]
The 2020 presidential election is just six weeks away, and pollsters and pundits are turning more attention to the handful of swing states that could... [Read More]
A Florida high school will no longer allow the teenage son of a fallen police officer to honor his memory by bringing the "Thin Blue... [Read More]
Twitter appears to have allowed a state-affiliated media outlet in China to make violent threats against Taiwan and its leader, and critics say the tech... [Read More]
At least five Christians were arrested during a hymn sing in the parking lot of city hall in Moscow, Idaho. One of the individuals cited... [Read More]
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