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Hong Kong police confirmed they had opened an investigation into videos allegedly showing residents booing the national anthem of China. [Read More]
Joe Biden has invited a rapper, a food blogger turned activist, and a former staffer for President Barack Obama to a meeting on Cuba. [Read More]
The outlet ADN Cuba published photos showing members of Cuba's "black beret" repressive forces training with Chinese paramilitaries. [Read More]
José Revilla-Albo, the owner of a Miami restaurant, said he would not back down after a request to take down a profane anti-communist poster. [Read More]
Miriela Cruz, a Cuban woman arrested for a shirt reading "down with the dictatorship," described being brutalized in putrid jail cells. [Read More]
The Ministry of Interior Commerce in Cuba announced it would increase rice rations by three pounds of the grain per person per month. [Read More]
Olympic athletes competing in outdoor games have become vocal in their protests that Tokyo's summer heat is a threat to their health. [Read More]
The U.S. Coast Guard announced the return of 27 Cuban refugees to the communist country on Tuesday, caught attempting to navigate to Florida. [Read More]
The Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) said that the true coronavirus death numbers in Cuba may be triple the official statistics. [Read More]
A 17-year-old girl arrested in the Cuba protests said police forced her to strip naked and threatened to subject her to rape. [Read More]
An activist at a protest in Washington, DC, on Monday said the Cuban-American community is dismayed with Joe Biden "not stepping up." [Read More]
A report who filmed a stabbing murder-suicide involving Hong Kong police officers cannot leave the city. [Read More]
Cuban Brigade General Armando Choy Rodríguez died on Monday night, the fifth general on the island to do so since ongoing protests began. [Read More]
The prime minister of the East Turkestan government in exile, Salih Hudayar, said the Uyghur people support Cubans' fight for freedom. [Read More]
Argentine students are urging the removal of all honorifics for communist mass murderer Ernesto "Che" Guevara in support of protests in Cuba. [Read More]
The family of a 17-year-old girl confirmed Cuba had sentenced her to eight months under house arrest for witnessing protests. [Read More]
China complained that Western media outlets were deliberately choosing unflattering photos of Chinese Olympians. [Read More]
Reserve Division General Rubén Martínez Puente became the third Cuban general on the island to die since the July 11 protests on Sunday. [Read More]
The resurgence of a theory that the Chinese coronavirus first began infecting people through an accident at China's Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has reki... [Read More]
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