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CHINA has overtaken Germany as the UK's biggest import market, while imports from EU countries have plummeted post-Brexit. Here's the latest data. [Read More]
SCOTLAND'S First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has restricted travel out of the country to parts of England, but why has Nicola Sturgeon banned travel to Manchester? [Read More]
THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR, otherwise known as the summer solstice, is this Monday, June 21. But just how long is the longest day... [Read More]
BURNT SAUCEPANS can be unsightly, and it may seem like a daunting task to scrub them clean. However, one key tip using dishwasher tablets can... [Read More]
GARDENING JOBS are ideal for keeping busy during the summer months, and one crucial job this season is pruning. Here's what to prune this summer. [Read More]
JUNE 21 was long hailed as the end of lockdown measures, however, some rules will remain in place for an extra month. So which rules... [Read More]
SCOTLAND, Northern Ireland and Wales receive money each tax year due to a mechanism known as the Barnett Formula, but what exactly is the Barnett... [Read More]
GARDENS are the ideal space to entertain friends and family, but the ever changeable weather can put a dampener on plans. Here are eight simple... [Read More]
LUPINS are gorgeous flowers, perfect for that cottage feel in any garden. But should you deadhead lupins? Here are the 10 plants you should deadhead... [Read More]
JOHN BERCOW has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, revealing he has defected to the Labour Party. But is John Bercow still an MP? [Read More]
COVID CASES have been growing over the past few weeks, prompting a delay to the unlocking of June 21. But are we in a third... [Read More]
WOODWORM can cause tiny round holes in any wooden surface, weakening the wood and sometimes causing serious problems. Here are top tips on how to... [Read More]
TONIGHT'S LOTTO DRAW is worth a staggering £3.8 million, and Express.co.uk brings you the results live. [Read More]
CLIMBING ROSES are a beautiful addition to any garden, giving colour and height. But when should you prune climbing roses? Read on for the best... [Read More]
MET OFFICE FORECASTERS have brought forward the start time for Friday's weather warnings as a deluge of rain, lightning and fierce winds is due to... [Read More]
TORRENTIAL RAIN is lashing Britain as thunder and lightning puts a stop to the humid heatwave seen in recent days. But is it raining in... [Read More]
COVID VARIANTS are among the reasons cases have seen a surge across the globe, with higher transmission rates and varying symptoms. Monitoring systems are in... [Read More]
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