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NICOLA STURGEON'S SNP have been attacked for their "long list of education failures" following the exam results U-turn. [Read More]
BREXITEER Ann Widdecombe snapped at Boris Johnson and accused the Prime Minister of sacrificing Northern Ireland and the DUP in trade talks. [Read More]
INDIA may secretly attempt to get an edge over China with covert tactics if tensions continue to rise, an expert has warned. [Read More]
THE Royal Family and the Queen are facing a cash crisis as the coronavirus has cost the crown millions of pounds in a short space... [Read More]
A FURIOUS row erupted over the issue of over-75s potentially being sent to prison for failing to pay their BBC TV licence fees. [Read More]
RUMOURS that Kate broke down in tears because of Meghan Markle at her wedding have been addressed by a royal expert. [Read More]
BREXITEER Ann Widdecombe unleashed her fury at Boris Johnson on the current state of Brexit talks with the EU in a ruthless rant. [Read More]
MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry had no choice but to leave the Royal Family abruptly, according to one of the authors who has written the... [Read More]
BBC Weather has warned of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding across parts of Europe as the heatwave continues to rage. [Read More]
PRINCE HARRY has been praised for the adorable coded message he sent Meghan Markle after their first date. [Read More]
BBC Weather has forecast flash flooding and thunderstorms to bombard parts of Europe during the heatwave. [Read More]
BREXITEER Simon Richards has argued the UK could thrive on WTO rules and return to the detail later with the EU in trade talks. [Read More]
THE Royal Family has cemented its future according to a royal author who argued the Queen has never been more popular. [Read More]
A BREXITEER has revealed the Japanese are eager for the UK to become a global powerhouse and cut ties with the European Union. [Read More]
FARMERS across the UK can expect a multitude of benefits from Brexit if the correct policies are introduced, according to an expert. [Read More]
QUEEN ELIZABETH II has been commended for the heartwarming gesture she made for Princess Beatrice on her wedding day. [Read More]
BREXITEER Richard Tice advised Boris Johnson to consider a crucial point when deciding the UK's post-Brexit future in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
A BREXITEER has predicted French President Emmanuel Macron will eventually backdown and agree to a win-win trade deal with the UK. [Read More]
BBC Weather have warned of extreme heat across Europe as temperatures exceed 40C over the next few days. [Read More]
BREXITEER Ben Habib has argued Boris Johnson must make two crucial changes to ensure Brexit Britain has a bright future outside of the European Union. [Read More]
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