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Videos that show the cameramen assigned to Trampoline Gymnastics at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are absolutely hilarious. [Read More]
During a Detroit Lions media session on Friday, running back Jamaal Williams made two reporters play Rock, Paper, Scissors to ask a question. [Read More]
A Florida man was injured after he stuck his hand in a jaguar's cage in Jacksonville and a passerby gave an incredibly inquisitive interview. [Read More]
Getty Image Georgia Bulldogs quarterback J.T. Daniels is signing all kinds of memorabilia and making a big profit. His ability to cash in on his... [Read More]
Giant Eagle Rays are some of the most athletic creatures in the ocean and send themselves FLYING out of the water to attract mates. [Read More]
Getty Image Simone Biles is the best gymnast in the world and no one can match her athleticism. A two-time NCAA All-American gymnast tried her... [Read More]
Oakland A's relief pitcher Andrew Chafin is looking for a boat that he can live on and use to fish for the rest of the... [Read More]
Kris Bryant is likely to be traded at the MLB trade deadline on Friday. He has been a Chicago Cub his whole career and was... [Read More]
Getty Image A band of timber mill employees were hunting wild pigs on the Solomon Islands last month and stumbled across the D.K. Metcalf of... [Read More]
Tyreek Hill went undercover as a grandpa and raced unsuspecting people along the streets of Miami. One taker ate concrete. [Read More]
TikTok star Bryce Hall decided to spar against the UFC's all-time leader in knockouts Vitor Belfort and it didn't got well. [Read More]
YouTube and Instagram basketballer Nick Briz travels around the country talking smack and playing pickup hoops. Big fights are not uncommon. [Read More]
Three women who photographed naked next to a passed out Wayne Rooney after a night at the club have sold him the photos for dirt... [Read More]
Aussie canoeist Jessica Fox used the free Olympic Village condoms to save her Olympic dreams and win a medal. [Read More]
Getty Image After winning a gold medal, a British swimmer was complimented on his 'third leg' of the race. It took everything in the interviewees... [Read More]
Julio Jones is always open, just like Waffle House. He has held the nickname since high school and showed up to Tennessee with themed cleats. [Read More]
As tourism continues to stay out of Thailand, monkeys are going crazy and brawling in the streets over food and territory. [Read More]
Getty Image Eating edibles the first time you get high is a bad idea. Tyler Cameron learned that the hard way and thought he blew... [Read More]
A new, sex-positive trailer park is opening in Louisiana and the owner 'Tee Boi' wants you to "Bring your house and share your spouse." [Read More]
Getty Image A Michigan politician expensed money to his campaign at a strip club. When he was called out for spending money at a strip... [Read More]
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