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Officer Amanda Signorino is suing the St Louis police, accusing her former boyfriend - and supervisor - Lt Jeff Hoots of sexual harassment. She claims... [Read More]
A St Louis police officer was sexually harassed by her supervisors, sent a pornographic video on Facebook, and told to lose weight while she was... [Read More]
Elaine White said the men began arriving on her doorstep last year, with some having travelled 450 miles across the state. She said she estimates... [Read More]
A Texas retiree has resorted to putting threatening signs outside her home after she became besieged by men mistakenly believing her house was a brothel.Elaine... [Read More]
Memphis police on Friday night released four clips showing the circumstances surrounding the fatal police beating of Tyre Nichols. The 29-year-old was stopped by officers... [Read More]
Memphis Police Department on Saturday announced they were disbanding the elite SCORPION unit, after several of their members were involved in Tyre Nichols' killing. [Read More]
Memphis Police Department confirmed on Saturday they were abolishing the elite SCORPION street crime unit, after several members were involved in the traffic stop that... [Read More]
Azealia Banks, 31, told The Guardian she left Los Angeles tired of its virtue signaling and crime, and moved to Miami because she liked the... [Read More]
Benjamin Hall, 40, was severely injured and his two colleagues were injured during a Russian shelling attack in Kiev on March 14. Hall returned to... [Read More]
New surveillance footage shows the final hours of Madi Brooks, with the 19-year-old seen leaving Reggie's bar in Baton Rouge at 1:50am on January 15. [Read More]
Dale Cheney, 46, leapt to his death on Wednesday. It now emerges that he had filed for divorce the day before, and had explosive rows... [Read More]
Mike Pence's team didn't start packing up his documents until after January 6, due to Donald Trump's insistence everyone act like they were staying for... [Read More]
Elon Musk on Wednesday updated Tesla investors on an earnings call, noting that demand for the vehicles exceeds production and saying they are on track... [Read More]
Elon Musk on Wednesday celebrated Tesla's record $24.3 billion revenue for the fourth quarter, noting that it was better than expected and saying demand for... [Read More]
Dr Ebony Parker, the vice principal of Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, resigned Wednesday - shortly after Abigail Zwerner, 25, said she was suing... [Read More]
Dr George Parker, superintendent of the school board, was fired and Dr Ebony Parker, the vice principal of Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, resigned... [Read More]
Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed on Tuesday that he will block Democratic congressmen Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell of California from serving on the House committee... [Read More]
Kevin McCarthy confirmed he was blocking Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the House Intel Committee, citing Schiff 'lying to the public' and Swalwell's association... [Read More]
Barack Obama's spokesperson refused on Tuesday to say whether the former president was searching his homes for classified documents, as The New York Times reported... [Read More]
Barack Obama's spokesman on Tuesday refused to confirm whether the former president was scouring his own homes for classified material, as legal analysts said the... [Read More]
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