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President Trump landed in Florida yesterday and thousands of his supporters lined the streets of the five mile journey from the Palm Beach Airport to... [Read More]
Literally one hour after Biden was sworn in, the World Health Organization admitted that PCR testing produces  high amplification rates and results and a huge... [Read More]
Many individuals believe that now that Joe Biden has been sworn in President Trump still has a legitimate challenge in court based on the massive... [Read More]
How in the hell can this guy lead a nation? Joe Biden is a senior suffering from dementia.  He hid in his basement instead of... [Read More]
Last week President Trump asked that the Russia collusion documents finally be released to the public and yesterday the first document was released: BREAKING: President... [Read More]
FBI Billboards are everywhere.  The corrupt FBI is advertising across the nation on billboards requesting information on individuals who attended the Capitol protests on January... [Read More]
President Trump late last night announced that he was pardoning 73 individuals and commuting the sentence of another 70 individuals.  Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve... [Read More]
President Trump is scheduled to arrive in Palm Beach, Florida tomorrow after departing Washington, D.C.  in the morning.  The President is scheduled to arrive in... [Read More]
Joe Biden is reportedly flying to Washington DC tonight on a private plane.  According to a CNN reporter, Joe Biden will fly to Washington DC... [Read More]
Today attorney Sidney Powell asked the US Supreme Court to dismiss her challenge to the presidential election results in Georgia. The Washington Examiner reported: With... [Read More]
Good riddance from the GOP! You can really tell who your friends are sometimes and the GOP leadership are no friend to President Trump.   Despite... [Read More]
What a terrible joke.  The Biden team has no idea how to get the economy rolling. Joe Biden hopes to be inaugurated Wednesday.  Shortly after... [Read More]
We support President Trump 100%! Never in our lifetime have we seen such a great leader and President.  In the face of constant attack from... [Read More]
President Trump issued another Executive Order today but this one of scheduled for two days after Joe Biden's planned for Inauguration.  The EO is proclaiming... [Read More]
Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller calls the scheduled Biden Inauguration a "Large Security Event".   Today, the US Department of Defense issued an 'Immediate Release" entitled,... [Read More]
Hundreds of active duty troops have been deployed to Washington DC for the Inauguration Ceremony on Wednesday.  The active duty troops with unique skill sets... [Read More]
Inventer and data specialist Jovan Hutton Pulitzer says he knows people are getting worried about what's going on with this crazy upside-down situation.  But Jovan... [Read More]
Presidents Trump and Clinton used the pardon power for different purposes.  Clinton used pardons as a vehicle to make big money from big tax evaders. ... [Read More]
(Guest post by Roger Stone) Events unfolding in the nation's capital, inflamed by the steady stream of truly alarming totalitarian rhetoric from Democrat politicians, are... [Read More]
Rudy Giuliani gave another amazing presentation about Big Tech and Big Media censorship.  These people are not Americans because  Americans cherish free speech. Rudy Giuliani... [Read More]
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