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A group of Asian-Australian students started a Facebook group to share jokes and memes about their experiences. Now, it has nearly a million followers all... [Read More]
The police hope the reward will lead to information about the death of Scott Johnson, an American mathematician who was forced off a cliff in... [Read More]
The deaths of two young people have renewed a debate over drug policy. Some encourage canceling events, while others suggest initiatives to make drug use... [Read More]
A 9-year-old Australian student whose refusal to stand for the singing of the national anthem has stirred a nationwide debate said Thursday that she would... [Read More]
One politician said a 9-year-old who refused to stand for the national anthem deserved a "kick up the backside." [Read More]
The Herald Sun in Australia doubled down in defense of a drawing, assailing "our new politically correct life." [Read More]
Australia has expanded the power of its immigration ministers for decades. Now, a scandal involving two European au pairs threatens the country's top immigration official. [Read More]
The Australian government said Wednesday that it would not grant a visa to Chelsea Manning, a former U.S. soldier sentenced to prison for sharing classified... [Read More]
KINGSTON SOUTH EAST, Australia — On a grassy patch of land beside the Princes Highway, Casey Sharpe sighed as he looked up at his most... [Read More]
The Australian government said Ms. Manning, who was convicted of sharing classified American military documents, failed a character test. [Read More]
A giant lobster named Larry is at the center of a small town's identity. What happens if he leaves? And what does a dispute about... [Read More]
Mr. Morrison, who replaced Malcolm Turnbull after days of political infighting, promised a return to stability. [Read More]
Mr. Morrison is poised to replace Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the latest Australian leader to be ousted in an internal party revolt. [Read More]
An effort by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stave off a leadership challenge weakened Thursday as two rivals sought to replace him. [Read More]
Malcolm Turnbull narrowly defeated a more conservative rival, Peter Dutton, after a dispute over an energy and climate bill. [Read More]
On Monday, Malcolm Turnbull announced he would delay a climate and energy policy that divided senior figures in the Australian government. [Read More]
Politicians across Australia's political spectrum condemned Senator Fraser Anning, who later said he had not meant to invoke Nazi language. [Read More]
Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Thursday that Pope Francis should fire an Australian archbishop who is the highest-ranking Catholic official in the world to... [Read More]
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called on Pope Francis to fire Archbishop Philip Wilson, the highest-ranking Catholic official to be convicted of concealing child sexual abuse. [Read More]
Home prices in Sydney and Melbourne are dropping after an astonishing run-up, as the government moves to cool the market and households borrow too much. [Read More]