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Nuclear Energy power sources would be self-sustaining and promising, only if it sustains a long fusion reaction. [Read More]
Koreans have made an advancement as it focuses on a fusion reaction that has broken its own record, potentially a nuclear energy power source. [Read More]
What can you expect from Fortnite's Chapter 3? Well, here's a leak of the alleged map. [Read More]
WHO warns of the emergence of new variants of COVID, with Pfizer and Moderna wolling to update the vaccines soon. [Read More]
Volkswagen has nabbed Apple's Battery Head, but it remains unclear if it is because of the Apple Car. [Read More]
Talk about legacy and popularity of Dune! No such thing as too late with Elland, a rebranded GBA Dune title. [Read More]
Frank Herbert's "Dune" is a popular game, so popular, it would have had a GBA game, and this scrappd game is now making its way... [Read More]
Owlett sells baby wearable tech, but is now pulling out as it applies for FDA approval. [Read More]
A baby monitoring sock is promising for parents as the wearable tech can help in different features, but the FDA needs to approve them first... [Read More]
LALAL.AI is here for all audio needs, as well as separating different stems of music, for all projects in different formats. [Read More]
Instagram's Adam Mosseri is testifying to Congress and explaining the social media's mental health effects. [Read More]
Instagram is facing Congress on a hearing with its head, Adam Mosseri, especially with its plan for the mental health effects it brings on teens. [Read More]
Bluetooth is everything as they bring superb sound at low latency, perfect to buy this Black Friday sale. [Read More]
A massive 620 miles of range would surely get you around, and it is with Germany's luxury EV manufacturer. [Read More]
UK's ICO director has strong words about ad tracking, something that should be removed. [Read More]
Tesla critics are yet again intent on opening up discussions on Giga Berlin and Elon Musk can't believe it. [Read More]
Elon Musk cannot believe that the Tesla critics are then again asking for discussions on Giga Berlin and its environmental effect. [Read More]
Squid Game is real-expensive in the series, as well as its recreation from MrBeast. [Read More]
Contact Center Operations Software are essential to businesses that operate calls to facilitate customer complaints and inquiry essential to the everyday business process. [Read More]
P&G orders a voluntary recall for Old Spice and Secret Body Spray because of benzene. [Read More]
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