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Console deals and availability with discounts this Prime Day 2021? It could not get better than this. [Read More]
Amazon Prime Day Early Deals couldn't wait for the 2-day event, especially for console deals for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation. [Read More]
Bluetooth connections will be added to the Android's Find My Device app, finally. [Read More]
Good bye Space Gray accessories, it has been one heck of a ride. [Read More]
Apple has removed the Space Gray accessories from the discontinued iMac Pro, and people are left with white ones. [Read More]
Peak acceleration is at 1.2 G's for this vehicle, what more when the Tesla Roadster comes? [Read More]
A new era of Pokemon is coming, and it would redefine the popular creatures for MOBA in the Switch. [Read More]
Epic Games's latest freebies of the week include a sim game, and an action-platform shooter! [Read More]
Earbuds with the right fit and sound signature is hard to come by, but with a tight budget, its harder to look for one. [Read More]
Pets are better taken care of, if one is hands on, and would never part ways with it via the rechargeable battery. [Read More]
Tamagochi Smart is a smartwatch, that brings back the foster of a digital pet that is now rechargeable and touchscreen. [Read More]
Satire posts are allowed to stay, and despite being under misinformation, it is still viewed as a meme. [Read More]
Facebook now allows "satire" posts to stay on the News Feed, amidst new Community Guidelines policies against misinformation. [Read More]
The Model S' Yoke will remain mechanical for now, but would soon get an assist with progressive steering. [Read More]
Tesla's Yoke Steering Wheel is to stay with its current tech, and soon debut "Progressive Steering," as teased by Elon Musk. [Read More]
The Sharp Aquos R6 is a distinct looking device, noticeable when Leica rebadged it too. [Read More]
These surely are rumors, but it has excited fans all over the world for the anticipated update. [Read More]
The world has not yet fully embraced 5G, but Samsung is out here with 6G. [Read More]
Was SpaceX doing this unofficially? Don't they get the right permits? [Read More]
A 2-in-1 job is given to Satya Nadella, as Microsoft's CEO and Chairman of the Board. [Read More]
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