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HEADBOARDS add a luxury feel to a bedroom and make you feel more supported while slumbering at night. Want something a bit different? Here are... [Read More]
OLD wives tales spread into the world of food and there are hundreds of myths related to diets and food safety that we all believe... [Read More]
CAPRICORNS aren't the most popular sign, but why is this? An astrologer explains the reasons why Capricorns get a bad reputation. [Read More]
GEMINIS are known for being extremely talkative... but why do all Geminis talk so much? [Read More]
SONIC scrubbers are a type of battery-run cleaning brush and all the online cleaning gurus are big fans of them. Here are seven jobs you... [Read More]
SKINCARE tools and devices are very trendy but also very pricey... do you REALLY need them? Here's what an expert has to say. [Read More]
MAKEUP stains can ruin your favourite clothes for good, but there are a few easy tricks to remove even the most stubborn makeup stains. [Read More]
AQUARIUS is thought to be the 'rarest' sign... but why is Aquarius so rare? [Read More]
CHEESE graters are the most annoying thing to clean - for such a small object, it's very time consuming to clean it. [Read More]
THE FLOOR at home is walked over continuously, but it's one of the areas we rarely ever clean except for the odd vacuum. Here's how... [Read More]
BAKING SODA and vinegar are great down a plug hole, but they shouldn't be used together to clean the oven. Here's why. [Read More]
THE SKIN barrier protects your body from losing water and environmental stressors, making it of crucial importance. [Read More]
URINE stains aren't pleasant to remove but it's fairly easy to clean up urine when your child has had an accident. Here's how to remove... [Read More]
GARDENING requires patience and you can't rush the speed at which your seeds sprout, a TikTok video has revealed how to get seeds to sprout... [Read More]
THE STATE Pension rules are changing from January 1, 2022, and they will impact those intending to retire abroad. Here's what you need to know,... [Read More]
THE NEW MOON has passed but its magic will still affect each sign for the rest of the week at least. Here's how the New... [Read More]
GARDEN borders add points of interest to a garden and are a great way to split up and control different areas of the garden. Here's... [Read More]
BULBS can come back year after year, as long as you look after them properly. Here are four ways to make sure your bulbs reflower... [Read More]
THE NEW Moon is fast approaching, so it's time to plan how you're going to make the most of the Moon's power that night. Here's... [Read More]
THE ZODIAC sign seasons last about 30 days each every year, but who can honestly say they remember the exact dates? Are the star sign... [Read More]
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