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US troops in Iraq have come under attack as violence in the Middle East escalates. [Read More]
One new study in the journal Nature Geoscience is raising the alarm that global warming will lead to colder winters in Europe. [Read More]
Romney, a moderate Republican who voted to convict former President Donald Trump, sought to cover the incident with humor. [Read More]
Former President Donald Trump is the choice of conservatives at the annual CPAC event to lead the nation and set the GOP agenda. [Read More]
An advocate for children said it is wrong that three gay men are named legal parents of a child. [Read More]
The Postal Service says America's mail trucks are heading for a makeover, but the new design is getting mixed reviews. [Read More]
Joe Biden is anything but a devout Cathoic, one priest asserts as he examines Biden's record in a post on Catholic Culture. [Read More]
The jokes Chris and Andrew Cuomo made last year about the governor's love life don't seem quite so funny now. [Read More]
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is upbeat about the 2022 election and thinks Republicans can take the House back. [Read More]
U.S. troops in Iraq are on high alert after the Biden administration's airstrike in Syria and precautions are being made. [Read More]
Minneapolis is gearing up for the trial of police officers involved in the death of George Floyd and they are hiring some help. [Read More]
The BIden administration's policies on illegal immigration are now the target of rioters in Portland, Oregon. [Read More]
A transcript of Biden's remarks shows that he had trouble navigating his way through the list of officials he was supposed to mention also. [Read More]
NASA's Mars rover has sent back pictures that show the planet in unprecedented detail. 'It was incredible.'... [Read More]
A former aide says Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked her about how she felt about romance with an older man. [Read More]
The draft plan to boost Capitol Hill security calls for more than 1,000 new police officers and a National Guard strike force. [Read More]
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