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Philip Walton was rescued today after being captured recently in Niger. [Read More]
Idaho lawmakers including Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin appeared to  question the existence of the coronavirus pandemic along with ten others Republican representatives. [Read More]
Dane Pfeiffer, 35, who is believed to be dating Cara Kennedy-Cuomo, the daughter of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, appears to have been an avid... [Read More]
Desperate Housewives' actor Felicity Huffman was seen buying a new car Friday in California. Huffman picked up a brand new black Tesla having completed her... [Read More]
Idaho police confirmed a state mayoral candidate and coffee shop manager died from gunshot wounds in a murder-suicide. Jared Murphy, 28, and Ashley Midby, 34,... [Read More]
A black shopper who was told to put on a face mask performed a kung fu kick on an Asian worker at a pharmacy in... [Read More]
A couple who walked into a California frozen yoghurt store were refused service The pair refused to put on a mask at the store... [Read More]
The CIA released a picture depicting Halloween and asked people to spot the difference. The illustration contains all the elements to make the perfect spooky... [Read More]
An off-duty New York city police officer is being hailed a hero for his quick thinking on Monday night when he tackled a man after... [Read More]
Camilo Morejon, 47, was caught on camera drinking from a beer bottle in a video that was posted to Facebook Live on Sunday in Houston,... [Read More]
The House Judiciary GOP Twitter account wished Hillary Clinton 'Happy Birthday' shortly after Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed. The tweet came shortly after the 52-48 confirmation vote. [Read More]
The House Judiciary Committee Republicans trolled former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday night mocking her as they tweeted 'Happy Birthday' shortly after Amy... [Read More]
Newark is imposing a curfew for nonessential business starting on Tuesday. All stores must close by 8pm except supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations. [Read More]
Jimmy Beck Jr. was arrested after failing to report the death of his girlfriend. Beck Jr. headed to California to tell his father about Melanie... [Read More]
Facebook will use internal tools to slow the spread of viral content and suppress potentially inflammatory posts. Facebook has a plan in place to help... [Read More]
Studies have conducted both in the U.S. and globally over several months. All came to similar conclusions namely that schools reopening doesn't appear to affect... [Read More]
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined voters in Parkchester, Bronx. Ocasio-Cortez expressed how 'emotional' it is to vote and a 'privilege every single time'. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton has said that a second Trump term would make her feel sick. In a New York Times podcast released Monday she said his... [Read More]
Ethan Williams, 20, from Indianapolis had been sitting on the stoop of an Airbnb in Brooklyn, New York. A shooting broke out at around 2:30am... [Read More]
A black man from Maryland was arrested and forcibly removed from a vehicle after police stopped his girlfriend for alleged speeding. The entire arrest of... [Read More]
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