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Derrick Jackson accused of hiring a hit man who was actually an undercover ATF agent... [Read More]
The new term is having a moment. [Read More]
"It made me mad and sad." [Read More]
"I despise abuse and harassment." [Read More]
Melinda apparently did not approve. [Read More]
Jerusalem is at "the brink of eruption." [Read More]
At least 25 are dead after an explosion near a girls school. [Read More]
"We are deeply troubled by this use of government power." [Read More]
The cause of death isn't yet known. [Read More]
"We can't rule out that the Indian variant would not make a new wave in Bangladesh." [Read More]
And a "customer" was actually a police information. [Read More]
Paul Van Doren, co-founder of Vans, has died at the age of 90. [Read More]
He broke his own 2019 record. [Read More]
"This takes away huge moments." [Read More]
The US is "deeply concerned." [Read More]
Only 17 babies named Rona in 2020, compared to 30 in 2017; Olivia and Liam were most popular... [Read More]
Not the officially reported 580K deaths; meanwhile, global death toll is double the reported figure, they say... [Read More]
South Africa says it will end breeding, keeping of lions in captivity, as well as lion bone trading... [Read More]
The local transportation agency doesn't appreciate his phallic artistry. [Read More]
Investigators used DNA evidence to construct a family tree and solve a cold case. [Read More]
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