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This thing had me aroused throughout. But that part at the end, when his uniform changes? I'm 99% certain it reversed my vasectomy.It would appear... [Read More]
The Ben Gardner's Boat scene. In all likelihood the most iconic and celebrated jump scare in the history of cinema. Hooper and Brody approached the... [Read More]
Most of you will recognize Thandie Newton as Maeve from "Westworld" where, into her MILFtastic late 40s, she's stolen the series from every other actor.... [Read More]
 Tom Brady earned $2.998 million in the fiscal year ending February 29, 2020 in money-for-nothing marketing and royalty payments via the NFL. That, along with... [Read More]
As poet John Greenleaf Whittier Once wrote, "Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: 'It might have been." So very, very... [Read More]
I can't believe it's taken this long for Screen Junkies to give the Indiana Jones franchise the Honest Trailers treatment. But I'm glad they finally... [Read More]
I don't know if everyone's aware of this because it's a situation that has largely gone unreported and not enough people are talking about it... [Read More]
Annnddd ... I just finished. Cleanup in aisle Jerry. I am a man of many blessings, and I make sure every day to count them all... [Read More]
There are moments in scripted television that are so perfect they transcend the medium itself. Walter White's transformation into Heisenberg. Tony Soprano having to kill... [Read More]
An Arizona woman has been dubbed a 'Karen' after she filmed herself destroying a rack of face masks inside a Target store claiming the pandemic... [Read More]
America's current bout of self-loathing has now officially gone too far. You want to question our form of government, our civic institutions, the mistakes of the... [Read More]
I'm with Pat. Cam Newton's latest video, where he's talking about how sick he is of being humble and comparing himself to a lion whose... [Read More]
This just further illustrates something that should be obvious to all of us by now. There is no musical composition, no matter how universally beloved... [Read More]
I've always believed that no 4th of July fireworks soundtrack was complete without a verse or two from this one. That if you're just playing... [Read More]
Fox News - Kate Beckinsale clapped back at several trolls after they took to the comments section of her Instagram and critiqued her love life.The "Underworld"... [Read More]
If there's one thing that I can't be accused of, to the best of my recollection, it's of using the term "The Patriot Way.". I... [Read More]
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