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Tony Lewis, the lead singer of Outfield, just died at the all too young age of 62. So what better way to pay tribute than... [Read More]
When Jeffrey Toobin, analyst for both CNN and the New Yorker whipped his dong out in the middle of Zooming with his co-workers, we all... [Read More]
CJ GUNTHER. Shutterstock Images.I'm not in Panic Mode about the Patriots passing offense. Truly, I am not. I might be clinically diagnosed with moderate-to-severe concern... [Read More]
Like Joe Buck wasn't busy enough these days. Now, in the middle of a full slate of baseball postseason games and an NFL schedule that... [Read More]
I have to confess that I was not aware that the Prime Minister of Finland was facing criticism for the alleged sin of posing for... [Read More]
This was 16 years ago today, October 20, 2004. And just to remind you kids out there how it came to this, here's how this... [Read More]
I'm sure there's at lot of people who thought that Bill Burr Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale commercial on SNL was an exaggeration. An overdone caricature,... [Read More]
"Man, oh, man. This looks like a disaster to me. I mean, I never saw that arm talent. He wouldn't snap the football. He was... [Read More]
Source - POLICE broke up a mass orgy in a Spanish holiday flat after dozens of people queued up outside to be filmed having sex. The event, which... [Read More]
Things to consider after watching the one thing on TV this month worse than "Hubie Halloween":--So I guess this means, in spite of what people... [Read More]
I'm going to make this - relatively speaking for me anyway - short and sweet. I've got a major postmortem to do on the Patriots... [Read More]
Jeff Roberson. Shutterstock Images.The coconut telegraph that is Twitter has been melting the metaphorical phone lines most of the afternoon, beginning with this report that... [Read More]
It's been about about four months since the first reports that Dan Snyder's Washington Football team was a cesspool of workplace harassment from rich old... [Read More]
Channing Crowder was an inside linebacker for Dolphin for six seasons. And in my wet-brained, foggy memory, a bit of a Patriots nemesis on a... [Read More]
This weekend is sort of the unofficial ramp up toward Halloween. It's peak tourist season in places like Salem, MA, haunted houses and ghost tours... [Read More]
Source - A cameo appearance in the newly-released Adam Sandler flick "Hubie Halloween" apparently violated the terms of her contract, thus leading to Alaina Pinto being dismissed... [Read More]
Things have been a little bit quiet this week on Cal Cunningham, the married U.S. Senate candidate from North Carolina who admitted he made the... [Read More]
Source - Kraft Heinz's jokey marketing campaign encouraging people to "send noods" quickly descended into a hellfire after angry moms ravaged their Instagram posts, saying the company... [Read More]
Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.In the ever-changing, reactionary, consistently inconsistent way the NFL keeps pulling Covid-19 protocols out of Roger Goodell's prison wallet, it's hard to... [Read More]
Source - The Jaguars acquired linebacker Kamalei Correa in a trade with the Titans on Wednesday and that meant another player had to be dropped from the... [Read More]
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