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Companies of all sizes are reporting they can't find qualified workers to fill the good-paying jobs they have, which means businesses – especially big ones... [Read More]
In the Age of the Customer, where being relevant to customers is trumping being competitive, a big part of relevance is being fully accessible and... [Read More]
Professional salespeople are the most important players in the marketplace. Nothing happens until someone makes a sales. But what is the number one impediment to... [Read More]
Small businesses don't begrudge big business their tax cut. But they should be treated the same as any other business entity. [Read More]
There is no better model of courage, character, and perseverance than Abraham Lincoln. But ironically, as much as Lincoln's accomplishments put him on a lofty... [Read More]
Last week you were introduced to a dangerous trend in the marketplace, which I've named the "Customer? What Customer? Syndrome," or CWCS. This. [Read More]
Here's a classic business maxim that was an article of faith for generations: "It's essential to know at all times what your competition is doing,... [Read More]
Basic fundamentals have served businesses since proto-market was born. If you'll find a way to incorporate these ten business fundamentals into your management practices this... [Read More]
What can we expect in 2018? Here are Blasingame's 2018 Crystal Ball Predictions on technology, small business, the economy, politics, and football. [Read More]
This tax bill will be good for America, the economy, and the stock market. So what's the problem? Every small business should feel insulted. Corporate... [Read More]
1. The U.S. economy will expand at 3% GDP growth. Actual: 2.75% annual GDP. The last three quarters over 3% couldn't cover 1.2% in Q1.... [Read More]
Speaking of America's founding in "The Fortune of the Republic" Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "We began with freedom."Indeed. But that freedom didn't. [Read More]
The Age of the Customer is disrupting and making obsolete many older practices, but not the requirement for business planning, especially cash flow.A. [Read More]
This is Jim's traditional Thanksgiving column.As the 17th century dawned, cause and effect was merging two parallel universes.In the Old World, a. [Read More]
If your sales strategy isn't working, it's probably not because your sales team isn't working hard enough, or has forgotten how to close. It's because... [Read More]
One of the greatest products of human society is the marketplace. Webster defines it as a place where goods and services are offered for sale.... [Read More]
You've no doubt seen the classic Jeff Foxworthy act, the one where he says, for example, "If you have more than one car jacked up... [Read More]
There are many tasks every small business owner must handle personally, but none is more CEO-specific than allocation of capital. Because the only. [Read More]
There are motivators for businesses in the marketplace other than fear and greed, and some have had a more consistently positive impact, especially to the... [Read More]
Labor Day began as an idea in the mind of a 19th-century labor leader — some say Matthew Maguire, others say Peter McGuire — who... [Read More]