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Maricopa County officials on Wednesday decided to approve unanimously a plan to hire two preferred firms to audit election equipment used during the 2020 presidential... [Read More]
On Tuesday night John Solomon went on with Actionable Intelligence to discuss his breaking report on Just the News. Newly released documents prove the FBI... [Read More]
CNN published a hit piece Wednesday on outspoken freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia. Democrats and their media are very upset with Marjorie Taylor... [Read More]
In January 2017 the Gateway Pundit announced we would be represented in the Trump White House with a reporter at the daily briefings. The liberals... [Read More]
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced plans this week to hold a rally in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Thursday afternoon. This comes after Liz Cheney, the third... [Read More]
Senator Tom Carper on Wednesday introduced the Washington DC Admission Act. The legislation will make the nation's capital its 51st State. This will ensure two... [Read More]
What was this about? Dominion Voting Systems signed an anti-transparency contract with DuPage County Illinois. Dominon encouraged DuPage County to resist release of information on... [Read More]
Joe Biden signed an executive order today that banned the term "China virus." It's not clear how this will help with the pandemic. The coronavirus... [Read More]
Far-left Google-YouTube extended its suspension on US President Trump on Tuesday. YouTube also restricted Rudy Giuliani from running ads on his platform. On January 12th... [Read More]
Judge Michael D. Nelson ordered #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka released from prison on Tuesday following his arrest by federal officials on Monday in Nebraska. Brandon... [Read More]
Joe Biden is suffering from severe dementia. Joe Biden is a 78-year-old senior suffering from dementia.  The media has been hiding this from you.  Joe... [Read More]
A majority of Republican voters say a new Patriot Party is a good idea. The movement for a new political party started after Republicans threw... [Read More]
On Tuesday Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) raised a point of order that the impeachment of private citizen Donald Trump is unconstitutional. Democrat Majority Leader Chuck... [Read More]
Don't you just love Democrats? With all of their self-hatred and rage packaged up to smear and berate the people they claim to represent. Joe... [Read More]
Joe Biden mumbled through his prepared racial equality remarks on Tuesday. Biden had trouble reading the prepared remarks from his Teleprompter. Only 2,200 people were... [Read More]
Leading House Democrat Stephanie Murphy proposed in 2020 to end tariffs on Chinese imports amid the spread of Wuhan Virus, essentially rewarding the Chinese for... [Read More]
"My Pillow" founder and outspoken Trump-supporter Mike Lindell was banned from Twitter on Tuesday morning. Twitter updated their rules last week to include "civic integrity"... [Read More]
Here is the latest update from Arizona. Grassroots activists are calling on supporters to flood state leaders with requests for a fair audit of the... [Read More]
Former Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at a Brookings Institute forum on court reform on Monday. Holder urged Democrats to pack the Supreme Court during... [Read More]
Microsoft announced this past weekend the company will suspend donations to any GOP lawmakers who challenged fraud in the 2020 election. Microsoft said in a... [Read More]
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