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An article in the New York Post today discusses the many gifts Hunter Biden received prancing around the world when his father was Vice President... [Read More]
In July Russia test-fired its new 6,100 mph hypersonic Zircon missile. The weapon is capable of evading all Western defenses. Vladimir Putin ordered the mass... [Read More]
A self-proclaimed 'Indian' in Canada turns out not to be an Indian at all.  'Sitting Bull#hit' appears to be a close cousin of Pocahontas Elizabeth... [Read More]
The Federal government is paying hundreds of millions of dollars to informants in their efforts to catch the 'bad guys'.  The Federal government is paying... [Read More]
Here we go… Two omicron-infected people landed in Australia on Saturday night. The two individuals were fully vaccinated. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says the best... [Read More]
The South African Medical Association debunked the hysteria over the Omicron COVID variant on Saturday. Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association... [Read More]
In October Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero dismissed a lawsuit brought forward by Garland Favorito and VoterGA that alleged fraud in Georgia's... [Read More]
This year, let's give back to the community by REFUNDing the Police! (YOUR DONATION TO REFUND THE POLICE IS A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION!) Dear Patriots,... [Read More]
A former Pfizer employee, now working as a pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst, has provided evidence in a public meeting in September suggesting that Pfizer... [Read More]
Representative Dr. Ronnie Jackson and Barack Obama Dr. Ronnie Jackson was the physician to the president for President's Barack Obama and Donald Trump. On Saturday... [Read More]
According to the latest figures, more than 50 million people have had a first vaccine dose – some 88% of over-12s. More than 46 million... [Read More]
warning language.) Closeup…... [Read More]
Guest post by Ken Eyring New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Children's immune systems naturally fight Covid-19 – and they are at ZERO risk to die... [Read More]
The National Pulse reports that the Gates Foundation has sent over $54 million to China since COVID, including to Wuhan collaborators.  What is going on?... [Read More]
Former Afghan interpreter Ajmal Amani was shot dead in San Francisco last week after attacking police with a knife. This was not the first time... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton is now traveling the world and making statements about the Biden gang's next moves to help China. American Military News reports: Former Secretary... [Read More]
2021 was the most expensive Thanksgiving in history. * Gas prices are up to $3.4 per gallon, up from $2.00 per gallon last year *... [Read More]
The generals who reported to President Trump did things that they still should be in the brig for, per Dr. Peter Navarro in an excellent... [Read More]
Dr. Peter Navarro was on Steve Bannon's War Room this morning and he discussed an attempted coup by nasty Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of... [Read More]
In his 1944 State of the Union address, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt outlined his "Second Bill of Rights," a vision to make the lives of... [Read More]
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