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The Vicki McKenna Show in Wisconsin discussed a number of topics on Thursday.  She was excellent and then she praised the Republicans in Dane County... [Read More]
Guest post by Rep. Mark Finchem Post-Federalist America Have you stopped to ask yourself why the military-industrial complex, the financial-industrial complex, the education-industrial complex, and... [Read More]
Speaker Vos won't permit the ballots from the 2020 Election to be forensically audited.  Instead of standing up for the Constitution and his oath of... [Read More]
For years Democrats have used minority neighborhoods to manufacture and steal votes.  Now they are scared to death that their disdain for minorities will finally... [Read More]
Politicians and their fellow media loudspeakers continue to go crazy over the COVID-19 pandemic and the Delta variant and yet China claims they have no... [Read More]
Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God – Benjamin Franklin Despite being overturned in a vote on Tuesday night, the St. Louis County Commissioner, Sam... [Read More]
The train of freedom and truth keeps rolling on. We know the amount of fraud in the 2020 Election in Michigan was huge. "Votes Were... [Read More]
After the 2020 Election, while Georgia was still counting ballots in their apparent effort to steal the election from President Trump, a Senior Election Official... [Read More]
How do you explain the phenomenon from the 2020 Presidential referred to as the 'Drop and Roll'?  To date, no one can provide a reasonable... [Read More]
In August of 2020, we reported that the number of individuals that died from COVID-19 with no comorbidities was only 6%.  This article went viral... [Read More]
Where did the flash drives, computers, and hard drives go, and how is Elliot Kerwin involved? In early December it was reported that a house... [Read More]
Guest post by Bob Bishop COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Challenges Biden Administration and CDC Histrionics. The Biden Administration, Saint Fauci the Valiant, and the CDC technocrats are... [Read More]
The day after the 2020 Election there was controversy over the use of sharpies in some Arizona locations.  Now we know this occurred across the... [Read More]
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Jack Sellers, has unique connections to China and American companies.  Jack Sellers is the Chairman of the Maricopa County... [Read More]
The day after the 2020 Election there was controversy over the use of sharpies in some Arizona locations. Now we know this occurred across... [Read More]
The Republican Party of Dane County Wisconsin last night unanimously voted to support Representative Brandtjen's forensic audit. We reported a couple of days ago that... [Read More]
Jay Sekulow's law firm is asking all Americans who voted in the 2020 Election with sharpies provided by the election officials to contact his firm.... [Read More]
The Jew-hating Nation of Islam was finally banned from Twitter.  But not for attacking Jews, for attacking the mRNA vaccine. The Federalist reported: The Nation... [Read More]
Guest post by Kevin Moncla SLI Compliance and Pro V&V are Election Assistance Commission (EAC) accredited Voting System Testing Laboratories (VSTLs).  What does that mean? ... [Read More]
On Monday a group by the name of "Dallas Justice Now" reportedly demanded all white parents to stop sending their children to Ivy League schools... [Read More]
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