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Ethan can get his hands on an assortment of weapons in Resident Evil Village, but you'll need to upgrade his inventory to carry them all. [Read More]
Wizards of the Coast is handing out free XP to Magic: The Gathering Arena players following several issues over the weekend. [Read More]
Resident Evil Village features a largely self-contained story, though does drop a big lore bomb on veteran fans towards its climax. [Read More]
Resident Evil Village's horror-focused House Beneviento requires some quick thinking and memorization to escape from quickly. [Read More]
Capcom confirms via press release that Resident Evil Village has already shipped over 3 million copies since launch. [Read More]
A Resident Evil Village modder has managed to replace Chris Redfield with series villain Albert Wesker in the game's opening sequence. [Read More]
Resident Evil Village features a unique spin on the magnum and you'll need to stray off the beaten path in order to find it. [Read More]
One of Resident Evil Village's most valuable tresures requires combining three seperate items and here's where to find them. [Read More]
Resident Evil Village's most powerful secret weapon is a lightsaber straight out of Star Wars, but how do you get it? [Read More]
Concept art included with Resident Evil Village's Trauma Pack DLC reveals that Ada Wong had originally been intended to appear in the game. [Read More]
Digital Foundry reports that Resident Evil Village has considerably faster loading times on PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X|S. [Read More]
According to prolific industry insider Daniel Richtman, NetherRealm Studios is already working on Injustice 3. [Read More]
Resident Evil Village has launched to an overwhelmingly positive reception, with fans already sharing their experiences online. [Read More]
Wizards of the Coast has kicked off preview season for this year's next Magic: The Gathering expansion by revealing several new cards. [Read More]
Mortal Kombat villain Shao Kahn is reportedly intended to appear in a sequel to this year's movie, though in what capacity isn't clear. [Read More]
Resident Evil Village director Morimasa Sato reveals why Ethan Winters was brought back as the hero from RE7. [Read More]
The primary antagonist of Mortal Kombat 2 has reportedly already been decided and it might not be who fans were expecting. [Read More]
Capcom has released the official launch trailer for Resident Evil Village in preperation for the game's release tomorrow, May 7th. [Read More]
Disney's rumored game based on The Mandalorian is reportedly intended to be the first installment in an ongoing series. [Read More]
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