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Traditional leaders in Africa demand government payments and benefits to shut down "bush schools" that practice female genital mutilation. [Read More]
He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist jailed after purportedly creating the world's first gene-edited babies, will speak at Oxford next year. [Read More]
Chinese dictator Xi Jinping's arch-enemy Winnie the Pooh is drawn into the anti-lockdown protests by a Japanese T-shirt. [Read More]
A report finds democracy in retreat around the world, with twice as many nations moving toward authoritarianism. [Read More]
The U.N. Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday observed a moment of silence for the passing of former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin. [Read More]
Police in white hazmat suits clashed with anti-lockdown protesters in the Chinese city of Guangzhou on Tuesday and Wednesday. [Read More]
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says the war in Ukraine is flooding Africa's Lake Chad terrorists with arms and manpower. [Read More]
The massive anti-lockdown protests sprawling across China are making the Communist regime next door in Vietnam nervous. [Read More]
Jack Ma, the formerly ubiquitous and flamboyant founder of Alibaba, has been living quietly in Japan in apparent self-exile. [Read More]
A Hindu group counter-protests against Christian villagers who have been blocking construction of a port in southern India. [Read More]
Anti-lockdown protesters line a bridge in Beijing, insprired by a lone dissident who hung banners critical of Xi Jinping last month. [Read More]
Western media commemorate former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin, who died Wednesday at the age of 96, as a reformer and visionary. [Read More]
The South Korea trucker crisis came to a head on Tuesday when the government ordered striking truckers to return to work. [Read More]
Sympathy demonstrations are held in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and cities around the world to show support for China's anti-lockdown demonstrators. [Read More]
A recent UNICEF study found child abuse surging in the already perilous Philippines during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
A report exposes the horrifying environmental devastation in Indonesia caused by China's demand for electric vehicle materials. [Read More]
Chinese state media celebrates a poor showing for independence-minded Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's party in local elections. [Read More]
A report released by Peking University finds China is at least five years behind its ostensible goal of reaching "peak carbon" by 2030. [Read More]
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman signs $75 billion in deals during a visit to South Korea, dismaying some human rights advocates. [Read More]
Protesters thronged the streets of cities across China over the weekend, defying a brutal crackdown from the Communist regime. [Read More]
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