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The far-left New York Times accidentally confirmed all of the voter fraud reporting we've done here at Breitbart News. [Read More]
President Donald Trump now leads former Vice President Joe Biden nationally by a single point in the Rasmussen tracking poll. [Read More]
In a number of swing states, there's now been enough early voting to give us a feel for who is turning out, and it doesn't... [Read More]
Three post-debate polls in swing states that will decide the 2020 election show President Donald Trump with a small lead. [Read More]
Just in time for Halloween, here is a list of the 29 greatest horror movies of the 21st century. [Read More]
President Trump trounced Joe Biden during their final debate Thursday night in Tennessee. It wasn't even close. Biden was looking at his watch because he... [Read More]
New Yorker contributor and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating during a video conference with his New Yorker colleagues. [Read More]
Joe Biden has a terrible record, so he was forced to lie during Thursday night's presidential debate. Here are the 11 lies we found. [Read More]
Two polls from Rasmussen are all good news for President Trump, who is surging, both in his overall job approval numbers and against Joe Biden. [Read More]
Two polls from Rasmussen are good news for Trump, who is surging, both in his overall job approval numbers and against Joe Biden. [Read More]
"The Proud Boys are trying to scare voters away from the polls," the grifters at the far-left Lincoln Project screeched on Twitter this week. [Read More]
CNN's Chris Cuomo lied about President Trump "talking up" the Proud Boys. Only the media have talked up the Proud Boys. [Read More]
The far-left Associated Press (AP)  is deliberately encouraging more left-wing domestic terrorism by downplaying it. [Read More]
The polls are starting to tighten in President Donald Trump's favor while Joe Biden has been scared into hiding. [Read More]
A majority of 51 percent want to see Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, according to a recent Gallup poll. [Read More]
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