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Good lord. Moose knuckle is one thing, buddy's got the whole fist jammed down there. Just a massive set of nuts on this fella. And... [Read More]
The sport of curling—sometimes called "chess on ice"—is a hotbed of dynamism, making it the perfect training environment for nimble robots of the future, according... [Read More]
A misunderstanding over a few Lightning fans' passion for their team during the Stanley Cup final Wednesday night produced a scene in Tampa rife with... [Read More]
So turns out Joel Embiid and his longtime girlfriend Anne De Paula have been pregnant over the last month. The timing of it suggests that... [Read More]
Okay so first of all, let me just say that I think Colin Cowherd could probably do a wonderful Cartman impression. In fact, I think... [Read More]
​That…was…AWESOME. I've spent the majority of my adult life thinking that scooters were strictly for dorks. I don't think the vast majority of scooterists around the... [Read More]
Okay so right off the bat, I'm not exactly throwing all of my belief into a scoop from Johnny Airports. Don't get me wrong, John... [Read More]
Steven Stamkos hadn't played in a hockey game for 7 months. He had core surgery in March, got injured again during Phase 2 of the... [Read More]
Rob Carr. Getty Images.I was furious after the week 1 meltdown against the Washington Football Team. I was ready to give up on Carson for the... [Read More]
Less than 10 minutes into his first game back in over 200 days and Steven Stamkos snipes the soul out of Dobby. Oh my god.... [Read More]
Bruce Bennett. Getty Images.BECAUSE IT'S THE CUP!Can't hold anything back now, Cotton. The Stanley Cup Final comes down to a best of 5 series. Stamkos... [Read More]
That's assault, brotha! And if you've ever felt how heavy some of those old wooden sticks are, you could make the case that's assault with a... [Read More]
Damn. It doesn't get any smoother than McConaughey. Perhaps some small batch bourbon refined with Texas mesquite and oak charcoals, but that's about it. He's... [Read More]
I counted at least 4, possibly 5 chair throws in this video. And that's from a video that was filmed vertically. Could you imagine if... [Read More]
Greg Fiume. Getty Images.The return to "normalcy" couldn't possibly be going any worse for Philly sports. Day after day after day, Philly sports fans are... [Read More]
Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.So if you've been trying to figure out just what in the heck has been going on with Carson Wentz and all... [Read More]
6abc - Police and emergency crews spent a good portion of Monday night following up on reports of a missing paraglider, searching the area through the... [Read More]
Robert Cianflone. Getty Images.Mumbai - The opening match of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was watched by 20 crore people, said... [Read More]
Victor Hedman is one of the most intimidating humans on the planet. He was born to be the devilishly handsome villain in any action movie.... [Read More]
Nam Y Huh. Shutterstock Images.In case you forgot, I'm a 2x ACL tear survivor myself. In fact, I believe that I'm the only person in... [Read More]
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