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KATE WINSLET claimed she would have been "disgusted" if her ancestors "came from wealth or royalty". [Read More]
SIR TOM JONES has been slammed by a former friend for "betraying" his wife with a "below zero" swipe about her "losing her spark" after... [Read More]
SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH revealed that he understood Brexiteers' complaints over the European Union (EU) "interfering with people's lives" as he claimed the bloc "irritated" British... [Read More]
CAROL KIRKWOOD expressed her fear that leaving BBC Breakfast would be "like losing a limb", unearthed accounts reveal. [Read More]
GORDON RAMSAY unleashed a furious response after he watched a wannabe chef cover an expensive steak in chocolate spread online. [Read More]
LINDA ROBSON revealed her special moment with "naughty" comedian Russell Brand before her alleged row with Pauline Quirke. [Read More]
TRISHA GODDARD's children were taught to check parcels to see if they contained explosives before she was the target of an offensive parody. [Read More]
SIR PATRICK STUART branded Brexit the "grimmest thing" and a "disgrace" after Britons voted to leave the European Union (EU). [Read More]
SIR CLIFF RICHARD was forced to confess his "guilty secret" that he had never seen Grease to Olivia Newton-John, who he described as a "sort... [Read More]
GORDON RAMSAY said the "door is open" after claimed his rival Jamie Oliver could quit the UK over Brexit, especially if Boris Johnson became Prime... [Read More]
PAULINE QUIRKE and Linda Robson "terrified" Birds of a Feather co-star Lesley Joseph before their first meeting as claims of a feud between the comedy... [Read More]
PEAKY BLINDERS sparked a brutal demand from the public to "reintroduce physical punishments", after the gangsters killed a police officer, a historian claimed. [Read More]
SIR ROD STEWART revealed that he ended his relationship with Joanna Lumley because he thought she was "too posh" for him. [Read More]
LUCY WORSLEY sparked a debate about the origins of Brexit by revealing alleged parallels between the Reformation under King Henry VIII and EU scepticism. [Read More]
PRINCE HARRY was compared to Edward VIII in a blunt royal rant from John Humphrys where he claimed the Duke wanted to "lounge by the... [Read More]
PRINCE PHILIP was described as "quite shy" in a surprising confession from Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley. [Read More]
CAROL KIRKWOOD feared being replaced by "younger girls" who she felt would be willing to "kill for" a spot on BBC Breakfast. [Read More]
SIR TOM JONES snubbed Elvis Presley during their first meeting, as he told cheering fans to "hold on" because he was "the star" of the... [Read More]
SIR CLIFF RICHARD appeared to boast that he was "absolutely right" about The Beatles' first number one hit, saying John Lennon "wasn't quite sure about... [Read More]
NICK KNOWLES called on the public to "mend the damage" after the nation was split over Brexit. [Read More]
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