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THE Rio Carnival has been postponed for first time in 108 years due to the raging coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. The carnival, which brings in... [Read More]
SWEDEN may have avoided a second wave of deadly coronavirus by being consistent with its rules, the country's top doctor has said. State epidemiologist Anders... [Read More]
A BABY who was found dead on a porch had killer drug Fentanyl in his blood after his parents left narcotics near his play pen,... [Read More]
A TRUMP-supporting politician who said coronavirus was a "socialist" hoax has been killed by the disease. Tony Tenpenny, 57, a former councillor from Nashville, who... [Read More]
A JEALOUS man is alleged to have accidentally killed his breastfeeding baby when he poisoned his ex-wife. After the breakdown of their marriage, the unnamed... [Read More]
AFTER leaving a rude not demanding note to be given "another fine" by "a**hole" parking wardens, a driver returned to his car to find that... [Read More]
COPS have seized 324,000 used condoms which were being washed and resold as new to unsuspecting men after a raid in a warehouse. Authorities found... [Read More]
A TRUMP-supporting politician who said coronavirus was a"socialist" hoax has been killed by the disease. Tony Tenpenny, 57, a former councillor from Nashville, who had... [Read More]
SNAKES are slippery reptiles with the ability to coil and slither into the most unexpected places. In fact, they are often closer to us than... [Read More]
STUNNING shots of swimmers battling the surf and a lake frozen in -30C weather are among the collection of snaps in this year's Drone Photo... [Read More]
AN American mum has been blasted online by furious Brits after she posted pictures of her "perfect" roast dinner. After joining a Facebook group for... [Read More]
A WOMAN was allegedly gang-raped after being kidnapped while waiting for a bus in Pakistan, days after the country's Prime Minister called for sex attackers... [Read More]
A GAMBLING addict who defrauded her Tinder dates out of £450k to fund her addiction has been jailed. Using blackmail and extortion, Jocelyn Zakhour, 41,... [Read More]
FINAL farewells are hard enough – but coronavirus restrictions have made attending funerals even more difficult. In September 2020 the government introduced new 'rule of... [Read More]
EXPERTS have uncovered 27 mummies which had been buried for more than 2,500 years in an ancient Egyptian necropolis. In what is now believed to... [Read More]
A MUM has faced criticism after sharing a picture showing a huge collection of Christmas gifts she has bought for her daughter. The vast variety... [Read More]
STAFF members of a local council in London have been banned from smoking at their desk – even while they are working from their own... [Read More]
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