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Sajid Javid said activists who victim blame the West or consistently "cry Islamophobia" undermine the UK's ability to deal with Islamism. [Read More]
A British army "information warfare" unit, which focusses on terrorism, has been tasked with countering anti-vaccine disinformation online. [Read More]
The UK is reportedly set to introduce vaccine stamps in passports next year for those who have been inoculated against the coronavirus. [Read More]
Britons should avoid gathering around the Monopoly board, singing with family members, or hugging loved ones during Christmas, warned SAGE. [Read More]
Some 81 people were arrested as protests and riots broke out in Paris against a proposed law that would criminalise the filming of police. [Read More]
The economic emergency in the UK is "just beginning" said Chancellor Sunak, who predicted that unemployment will rise by over one million. [Read More]
Scotts who say that trans women are not actually women will face criminal prosecution if a court finds that their speech "stirred up hatred". [Read More]
A BLM protester who spat in the face of a police officer in London had her charges dismissed by a court because she "apologised". [Read More]
A major people-smuggling operation behind many of the illegal migrant crossings of the English Channel has been arrested in France. [Read More]
Sir Keir Starmer will reportedly back Boris Johnson's prospective trade deal with the EU in an attempt to put Brexit behind the party. [Read More]
Tory MP Charles Walker has called on Boris Johnson to stop police from carrying out 'un-British' clamdowns on anti-lockdown protests. [Read More]
Over 8,000 boat migrants have landed on British shores since the start of the year, as another 60 were brought ashore at Dover. [Read More]
The UK has reportedly been sending millions of pounds sterling to China in foreign aid, subsidising one of the world's largest economies. [Read More]
A "prolific" paedophile in the UK pled guilty to 96 counts of child sex abuse against 51 boys between the age of four to fourteen. [Read More]
Boris Johnson's should pass a Free Speech Act modelled on the United States First Amendment said the Adam Smith Institute. [Read More]
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