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People smugglers in France are said to be using poorer migrants as decoys, distracting from migrants who pay higher prices to reach Britain. [Read More]
A climate change activist has called for schools to stop serving cheese to children, claiming that the dairy products are "racist". [Read More]
Suspended Labour MP Claudia Webbe said that the "rich must be abolished" in order to confront overpopulation and the "climate crisis". [Read More]
Hospitality owners wrote a letter to Boris Johnson, saying they will not require vaccine passports for their customers. [Read More]
Illegal boat migration levels in Britain has trebled in one year, with another 42 illegals known to have arrived yesterday. [Read More]
Boris Johnson claimed that Britain's success in driving down coronavirus deaths came as a result of lockdowns, not from vaccines. [Read More]
London's Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has expressed "regret" for shutting down a Good Friday service at a Polish church. [Read More]
The pub industry has seen a rapid decline over the past year of lockdowns, with some 2,500 pubs shutting down for good in 2020. [Read More]
Schools in Melbourne, Australia, have been called upon to abandon using words such as "mum and dad" in favour of more inclusive language.  ... [Read More]
Prince Harry has released an oddly informal statement on the Duke, calling him "grandpa: master of the barbecue, legend of banter". [Read More]
Apple and Google have blocked an update to the UK government's coronavirus tracing app as it violated their privacy rules. [Read More]
UK government scientists have reportedly pushed back against models which suggested a third wave of the coronavirus during the summer. [Read More]
The mourning of Prince Philip has extended to Vanuatu, where a tribe has worshipped the Duke as a god for decades. [Read More]
A loophole could result in Chinese propaganda returning to British airwaves, despite the Ofcom banning CGTN earlier this year. [Read More]
The UK has reportedly made "rapid progress" in securing a post-Brexit trade deal with New Zealand, which slash tarriffs on both sides. [Read More]
Two grooming gang paedophiles have launched another appeal against their deportation, six years after they were supposed to be kicked out. [Read More]
Nigel Farage said that Priti Patel prefers to "pretend" the migrant crisis is not happening as another 49 boat migrants land in the UK. [Read More]
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not be welcomed home by the British public, even for the funeral of Prince Philip, said Nigel Farage. [Read More]
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