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Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the UK-based mother-of-one explained she lost her part-time job due to the pandemic, and that her husband claims she 'expects everything... [Read More]
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, 43, has received an award for the support she's shown to the LGBTQ community. Readers of QX magazine chose the... [Read More]
Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout is blend of barley, oats, wheat and milk sugar, and goes on sale to UK customers today to mark the 50th anniversary... [Read More]
Spotlight rounded up a selection of photographs from around the world that capture the ingenious ways students have devised for cheating in exams. One girl... [Read More]
UK-based marketplace Love The Sales, has reported a 222 per cent increase in searches for 'off the shoulder tops'. The trend comes after a... [Read More]
UK budget retailers like B&M have released cut-price pieces that are stylish enough to pass for high end designs - but cost a fraction of... [Read More]
Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the UK-based mother-of-three asked for advice about how to help her transgender son, who wants her to fund a mastectomy, hormone... [Read More]
Jean Draxler, 61, from Peeblesshire, reveals she funded a two month holiday in Guadeloupe by doing odd jobs for wealthy strangers in exchange for staying in... [Read More]
People from across the UK have taken to Mumsnet to share their memories of cooking in the Seventies. The discussion was sparked by a question... [Read More]
AmoMedia has rounded up hilarious viral Twitter posts that show the cheeky comebacks by international brands - including a woman being told her friends are... [Read More]
The bride-to-be, 34, believed to be from the US, teamed up with her friend to shed some weight ahead of her wedding later this year.... [Read More]
The bride-to-be, 34, believed to be from the US, teamed up with her friend to shed some weight ahead of her wedding later this year.... [Read More]
Gabriella Scaringe, 23, who lives in New York, has gone viral on TikTok after posting a video explaining how vaginas differ in shape and size. [Read More]
Rory Gleeson, 32, from Dublin, faced chaser Mark 'the beast Labbett, in the first round of attempts to add money to his team's prize pot, but... [Read More]
Craig Harker, 33, from Stockton-on-Tees has impressed Facebook users after sharing photos of a steak he cooked in an old toaster after deciding to put... [Read More]
A UK-based mother who has given up cakes for Lent, has sparked a lengthy debate on Facebook. She explains that her son wants to bake... [Read More]
Alexa Nicole Collins, 25, from Florida, has built a 1.2million-strong following five years of quitting college to focus on social media. The influencer says she... [Read More]
Rosalyn Ferrer, 50, and Rommel Basco, 55, from the Philippines, have been squatting in a shack with their six children for several years. A hairdresser... [Read More]
Jake Taylor-Baumann, 30, and Sean Taylor-Baumann, 27, from Salt Lake City, Utah, were both raised in strict Mormon households and admitted they tried to 'pray... [Read More]
Gardener David Geyer, 32, from Bergheim, has been addicted to McDonald's since 1997, and even has a tattoo of a burger and fries on his leg,... [Read More]
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