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What a jackass. He hates America but NO RACISM in Canada! Canadian hockey player Matt Dumba knelt for the US National Anthem on Friday night.... [Read More]
Radical Democrat Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats called a special session this weekend with no public present and inside of 24 hours they rammed through... [Read More]
Research Psychologist and whistleblower Dr. Robert Epstein made headlines in March 2018 on Tucker Carlson Tonight when he revealed how big tech companies like Google... [Read More]
The Antifa terrorists in Portland are being donated riot gear from out of state donors. They've organized out of state donations for their nightly riots.... [Read More]
This didn't make any headlines in the liberal mainstream media. Former President Bill Clinton thanked Rep. James Clyburn for destroying Socialist Bernie Sanders' presidential hopes.... [Read More]
The space race shows for-profit competition brings the best things in life, says John Stossel, who points to advances because government no longer in charge... [Read More]
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