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Biden jokes about injecting bleach and describes why he has to carry around notecards in his pocket as his administration is separating kids from parents... [Read More]
Liz Cheney says the GOP cannot be the party of white supremacy, despite the fact that...they aren't...even remotely. Plus, Rick Scott calls for end to... [Read More]
Jen Psaki tried to defend the Biden administration's use of the same facility they blasted Trump for, failing to see how foolish their move is.... [Read More]
Remember when people could joke and everything wasn't taken so seriously? Joe Biden took a shot at President Trump, and then in the same day... [Read More]
CPAC 2021 will be held in Orlando, Florida this week. Many speakers will be on hand and many other voices will be heard on Radio... [Read More]
Pelosi lies about activist/podcaster who chooses not to accept vaccine based on history of Government Intervention. [Read More]
Joe Biden addressed the nation as we reached 500,000 COVID related deaths, the speech however was disastrous and riddled with gaffes. Merrick Garland didn't have... [Read More]
Merrick Garland was asked about a number of issues during his confirmation hearing and he remarkably didn't seem to have any answers, including whether or... [Read More]
A recent study by Harvard claims that reparations for minority communities may have reduced both infections and deaths related to the pandemic. Hero Soap... [Read More]
Yikes! In a disastrous speech, Biden had multiple gaffes, a statement that literally didn't sound like English and he claimed that he wanted to vaccinate... [Read More]
Why is our nation so angry? Why does every conversation seem to go from 0 to 100 the second we discuss topics we don't agree... [Read More]
The Wayne Dupree Show covers the latest Hollywood News. Starting off with Kayne West & Kim Kardashian Divorce and Disney+ gives the 'Muppet Show' an... [Read More]
Upon her return home Kamala Harris has met with a whopping crowd of...two people, Dr. Fauci continues to make absurd statements about the virus, the... [Read More]
Make no mistake about it. Attacks on Governor Ron DeSantis from the mainstream media are not about virus response - as the stats tell the... [Read More]
Once again the Democrats and establishment politicians have introduced a massive bill that - for those looking - shows they care little about the American... [Read More]
In two separate interviews this weekend on Fox and CNN, Dr. Fauci again shared absurd remarks claiming we may be wearing masks in to 2022,... [Read More]
Out with the front-line power line workers getting power on to the masses after a huge ice storm. [Read More]
Out with the front-line power line workers getting power on to the masses after a huge ice storm. Chuck Holton discusses the problems with the... [Read More]
President Biden's excuse for killing the Keystone pipeline was that it would help save the environment. But today's podcast explores how it will actually do... [Read More]
Met with a 1/2" of snow, Joe Biden called another lid yesterday at the White House. CNN fact checked (sort of) the President's comments at... [Read More]
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