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Most cases of smelly urine are down to harmless or minor changes in your behaviour, such as consuming certain vitamins or not drinking enough fluids. [Read More]
People with the early stages of dementia are prone to forgetting to drink water, which can lead to dehydration, explains experts. [Read More]
Rubbing cream on your body that contains compounds in cayenne could help to lower body fat levels, one study suggests. [Read More]
The signs in your leg may precede severe complications such as a blood clot in your lungs so it's important to get help if you... [Read More]
A diet lacking essential nutrients can lead to permanent blindness in some extreme cases. [Read More]
The stroke symptoms that last just a few minutes could be a sign that another much worse stroke is soon to occur. [Read More]
If you can't plant any trees in your area, having plants in your house can have benefits too. [Read More]
The symptom is a sign that cholesterol has started to block arteries around your body. [Read More]
Experts explain that with each new Covid variant the proportion of people reporting symptoms increases. [Read More]
Some centenarians believe it's "luck" that gave them the gift of longevity while others point to specific health habits. [Read More]
The survivors all described their last meal before an attack as "heavy". [Read More]
The venom in the bee sting could have caused the man's immune system to go into overdrive. [Read More]
People who go on to develop dementia are more likely to show some impairment in five key areas. [Read More]
Pale looking nails may be down to liver damage causing you to have a low blood cell count. [Read More]
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