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Malcolm Eyles, 68, and Maureen Blackwell, 67, decided to tie the knot at Worcestershire Royal Hospital after 10 years of being engaged after Mr Eyles... [Read More]
The O Beach club owner shared the video of him picking his next date at his resort in Ibiza. People on Twitter have branded him... [Read More]
The group of squirrels were seen playing and chasing each other's tails in their new chimney stack home in Willesden Green, London. [Read More]
People who wish to introduce their babies to family and loved ones can hire the mobile cabin for $40 an hour in Monterrey, Mexico. It... [Read More]
New parents in Mexico have been showing off their newborns to family members through a glass box cabin. Proud mothers and fathers are able to hire... [Read More]
Surfers were surprised when a mother whale and her calf frolicked in the water within feet of them in Manly, Australia. The two whales splash... [Read More]
Jack Farrar, from Portsmouth, discovered the spider while he unpacked a box of bananas shipped from Colombia at a Tesco Extra store in Havant, Hampshire... [Read More]
A small twister tore through a flour processing factory in Central Java, Indonesia, on Friday. Workers tried to 'kill' the whirlwind which are common... [Read More]
Factory workers tried to fight and 'kill' a whirlwind with their tools as it tore through their flour processing factory. The dust devil, a short-lived and... [Read More]
Two police officers helped free an enormous sea turtle which had rope wrapped around its neck off the coast of Punta Umbria in southern Spain. [Read More]
A man wearing a tracksuit pulled up to a house in Harbourne, Birmingham, and stole three plant pots from a front garden. West Midlands Police... [Read More]
Vikki Sapp, 51, was surprised with a puppy by her coworker at a dog salon in Waco, Texas, Heather Hodges, 26, got the new puppy... [Read More]
A fierce row has broken out between parishioners in Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset, and the reverend of the local church St Andrew's after the pews went... [Read More]
Lara James, 41, realised a man she waved at once on a run had begun running the same routes as her in Woodmancote, Brighton, at... [Read More]
Train passengers could be infected by coronavirus if they sit within 8ft of someone carrying the disease on a two-hour journey, research suggests.Scientists also found... [Read More]
The new research conducted by the University of Southampton also revealed sitting one metre apart is required to be safe when travelling for an hour. [Read More]
Research by homeless charity Shelter revealed nearly a quarter of a million private renters have fallen behind in their rent payments since the lockdown began... [Read More]
A woman wearing a swimming costume was filmed being arrested by police on Bournemouth beach yesterday. A man can be heard in the recording claiming... [Read More]
A woman wearing a swimming costume was filmed being led away by police on Bournemouth beach yesterday as other disturbances were reported in Edinburgh. [Read More]
Large groups of people were seen drinking in pub gardens in London appearing to ignore social distancing rules the same day it is announced the... [Read More]
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