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A Yale research team found that people who suffered from 'long Covid' had lower levels of cortisol in their blood, a breakthrough in the search... [Read More]
The number of women that died during or as a result of childbirth surged 68 percent during the first 14 months of the COVID-19 pandemic,... [Read More]
One expert is warning that monkeypox will become the next pandemic to strike the world, as the current outbreak of the virus has caused over... [Read More]
New York City officials have detected polio in the city's wastewater, confirming at least one person carried the virus in the city recently. [Read More]
Children who get less than nine hours of sleep every night are more likely to suffer life-long cognitive issues, a new study finds. [Read More]
The CDC has rolled back some of its COVID-19 guidance, saying that quarantine after exposure to the virus is no longer necessary in all cases. [Read More]
Researchers at UCSF and other schools found that a blood test within 24 hours of a severe head injury could help them determine how likely... [Read More]
Amazon is one of three companies warned by the FDA to remove over-the-counter mole and skin lesion products from their offerings. [Read More]
Experts are calling for the CDC to update guidelines on screening for potential exposure to forever chemicals. Growing research shows they pose significant danger to... [Read More]
A panel of experts are asking for clinical guidance regarding exposure to 'forever chemicals' to be updated amid a growing body of evidence showing the... [Read More]
Camile Seaton, 20, is one of a few women in America to have had a confirmed case of monkeypox. She said it was so painful... [Read More]
The CDC is deploying a team to investigate a potential polio outbreak in Rockland County, New York. Last month, state officials confirmed the first polio... [Read More]
The FDA is set to approve plans to slash the dosage of monkeypox vaccine by 80% in an effort to use limited shots more efficiently.... [Read More]
A new Lyme disease could be available in the U.S. as early as 2025, as Pfizer has launched final clinical trials for its jab, VLA15.... [Read More]
The United States logged 1,424 new monkeypox cases on Monday, the highest single day total of the outbreak yet, just as colleges return to school... [Read More]
A new study finds that exposure to 'forever chemicals' on many household goods can significantly increase a person's liver cancer risk. [Read More]
Getting the daily recommended dose of vitamin D can reduce a person's risk of developing heart disease or diabetes, a new study finds. Sunlight is an... [Read More]
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