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THE EU spent almost £2million on "troll monitors" to trawl eurosceptic debates on the internet ahead of European elections in June 2014, unearthed reports claim. [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL's biggest U-turn of her career has highlighted a crippling dilemma in the European Union, unearthed reports suggest. [Read More]
SCOTLAND's most senior civil servant was accused of "school bully" tactics to stop businesses speaking out against independence in 2014, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
IRELAND's geography could be the next big problem in the Brexit talks and ultimately scupper the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the EU and the... [Read More]
ANNELIESE DODS claimed a second Brexit referendum might have been the only way out of the impasse in 2019, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL is not only responsible for Britain's departure from the bloc - but she might also be blamed for being the main cause of... [Read More]
CHINA's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has managed to paralyse the global trade body, exacerbating tensions between Beijing and the US, a trade... [Read More]
BRITAIN will play a critical role at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), particularly if it leaves the EU without a deal, a trade expert has... [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON's relentless attempts to keep Scotland in the EU were ridiculed in a savage BBC skit in 2017, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
DONALD TRUMP is planning a wrecking ball assault on the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as precipitating a crisis could bring about a trade revolution that... [Read More]
WHITEHALL officials earned more than £100,000 a year in 2015 - costing the taxpayer almost £100million, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
BRITAIN and the EU are likely to soon agree on a "basic" Free Trade Agreement, a trade expert has claimed. [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON made a humiliating miscalculation as she claimed Prime Minister Boris Johnson had paved the way for a soft Brexit, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL's legacy could be ruined, as Brexit has left Germany's strength in the EU on the brink of collapse, unearthed reports suggest. [Read More]
BRITAIN's most senior civil servants were having part of their tax bills paid using public money, leaving them tens of thousands of pounds better off... [Read More]
AUSTRALIA's former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was accused of breaching royal protocol with "inappropriate" behaviour around Prince William in 2014, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
QUEEN ELIZABETH II was told not to answer a question from US President George W. Bush during their first meeting, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
EMMANUEL MACRON spent a staggering amount on makeup in the first three months of his presidency, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
PRINCE EDWARD and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, sparked fury in Spain when they visited Gibraltar in 2012, unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON could not say how an independent Scotland would protect the public against terrorism, despite identifying it as the main security threat, unearthed reports... [Read More]
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