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The company is offering the 100-day return program for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G exclusively through the Samsung.com... [Read More]
With Firefox 86, Mozilla prevents websites from sharing cookie files and profiling your internet browsing history. [Read More]
The company is bringing zombie survival game Days Gone to Windows PCs this spring. Expect other games from the 'latter half of the PS4 cycle'... [Read More]
The Australian government amends a proposed media payment law to exempt Facebook. [Read More]
The company is also refining certain models in the ThinkPad series with 16:10 displays, 5G modems, and Wi-Fi 6E. Expect the business laptops to start... [Read More]
NASA captured the video with several HD cameras fitted on the various parts of the landing craft and the Mars rover. The agency also released... [Read More]
With HiFi, Spotify joins Tidal and Amazon Music to deliver 'music in CD-quality, lossless audio format' for Premium customers who upgrade their monthly subscription. [Read More]
The USB disconnection issues can randomly disable a keyboard, mouse, or external drive connected to a B550 or X570 motherboard, according to affected users. [Read More]
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also says his company is working to bring down Starlink's latency to 20 milliseconds. It can currently achieve about 150Mbps with... [Read More]
Nvidia is also pushing back against doubts that the RTX 3060's upcoming anti-cryptocurrency mining restrictions can be easily reversed. ... [Read More]
Previous NASA Mars rovers mostly used an operating system from Wind River Systems. But this time, the space agency chose Linux for Perseverance's Ingenuity helicopter... [Read More]
Comcast's plan to impose the data cap during the pandemic faced plenty of outrage from Xfinity subscribers and elected state officials. [Read More]
This time, WhatsApp will add a banner inside its app to explain that its new privacy policy will have no impact on private chats with... [Read More]
A ransomware attack hits a third-party supplier that processes customer information for the California DMV, potentially exposing people's personal data dating back 20 months. [Read More]
The company also plans on debunking common myths about climate change through Facebook's dedicated information hub on the topic. [Read More]
Cryptocurrency miners should check out Nvidia's new dedicated line of GPUs tailored for Ethereum mining (sorry, Bitcoin fans). These Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) cards are... [Read More]
The program will offer concept devices for pre-order and manufacture them if enough people buy in. [Read More]
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