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The Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. purposely spiked its prices in March in an effort to keep out supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory. [Read More]
Prior to being elected to public office, Marjorie Taylor Greene was filmed harassing AOC's office during a 2019 visit to the US Capitol. [Read More]
A document leaked by cybercriminals from Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department details the FBI's concerns over Boogaloo Boys. [Read More]
Colonial Pipeline paid nearly $5 million to a cybercriminal gang on Friday after the company's systems were targeted by ransomware. [Read More]
An alleged Israeli soldier is accused of uploading video to Instagram that shows a Palestinian males being mocked while blindfolded. [Read More]
A popular TikTok user is facing backlash online after filming herself bribing a food delivery driver to show up at her home quicker. [Read More]
A group of cybercriminals leaked internal files after Washington, D.C.'s police department was targeted with ransomware last month. [Read More]
The individual(s) responsible for making message board posts under the pseudonym "Q" may live on the West Coast of the U.S. [Read More]
Colonial Pipeline, which operates a pipeline responsible for transporting East Coast fuel, announced that it had been targeted by DarkSide. [Read More]
Twitter users accused Elon Musk of flashing the OK 'white power' sign this weekend during his appearance on Saturday Night Live. [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing ridicule online after sharing the wrong photograph of an iconic Black baseball player. [Read More]
The man behind the iconic '10 Guy' meme has come forward to reveal his identity after a decade of remaining anonymous. [Read More]
A conspiracy theorist in Minnesota allegedly filmed himself stealing a vaccine vial this week during a visit to a CVS pharmacy. [Read More]
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