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Former FBI Director James Comey donated $2,700 to Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar's presidential campaign. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton claimed that the DOJ guidelines against indicting a sitting president is the only reason Trump has not been indicted for obstruction. [Read More]
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He'll be the 4th Democrat to participate in one on the network... [Read More]
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders labeled the Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "racist" during his town hall on CNN Monday night. ... [Read More]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar dodged a question on whether or not President Donald Trump should face impeachment charges during a town hall on CNN Monday night. [Read More]
Cable news networks mentioned independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders last week more than the next three most-mentioned presidential candidates combined. [Read More]
'It is intellectually dishonest to compare Bernie to Trump'... [Read More]
'So it's right from the document itself'... [Read More]
'It's great news he wasn't a foreign asset and that he's the duly-elected president'... [Read More]
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Claiming it was a detriment to her health, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared over the weekend that she intended to give up Facebook, and one of Facebook's... [Read More]
'We have to be willing to meet with people who may be adversaries or potential adversaries'... [Read More]
Each donation was for $2,000... [Read More]